"MAVPROXY" ignores command

I have set up a Raspberry Pi 3 to communicate with the APM2.8 via MAVProxy .
It works great with mission planner but when try to command it with “mavproxy” commands are not accepted .In background i have a hotspot and pi and my remote laptop are connected as client
like when i type >> mode it gives output of different modes but when i type >>mode STABILISE it do not change the mode,Also if try to change mode though our RC connections all logs are displayed and mode gets changed.
-------------------------------------HARDWARE CONNECTION---------------------------------------------------
on my copter i have connected my APM 2.8 board with a raspberry pi (on board) through USB
http://www.amazon.in/APM2-8-Controller-Multicopter-Quadcopter-ARDUPILOT/dp/B01MY55UQ8?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=6cbb02f4-3cae-489b-a30d-7dbe1838c88f i have connected pi and remote laptop both through same wifi as client and a wifi router as server
------------------------------------Initiate connection------------------------------------------------------------------------
I initiate connection on remote laptop through mavproxy.py –master=udpout:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:14550
and in mavgateway it DAEMON_ARGS="–master=/dev/ttyACM0,115200 --out=udpin: --daemon"
----------------------------------Ultimate Goal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
we are making a person following drone we have used struck algorithm for object tracking and want to control our quadcopter through remote laptop .As this algorithm requires high resource we will be doing our object tracking on remote laptop and send data to apm through wifi bridge but apm is not taking our commands

Correct mode is STABILIZE

What command arent working ?

No mode is switching i tried other modes too like CIRCLE ,RTL it do not allow to switch . From my understanding it do not allow to write anything to apm :frowning:

Is the connection ok ? do you have an HEARTBEATH or some data coming from apm ?

Yes i have heart beat comming from apm and if i switch mode from rc input it shows the mode is changed

Try to add --mav10 mavlink cmdline . But I suspect that you got a connection problem. Can’t you use uart instead of USB ?
I don’t know the apm board, so I won’t be able to help much to use uart …


Thank You it worked great ! :slight_smile:

thanks @khancyr it’s worked :grinning:

thank you @khancyr! it worked awesome… your help meant a lot!!

Thanks. It worked :smiley:

great it works thak you

Hello, can you tell me APM2.8 how to communicate with the Raspberry Pi?
Like how do you set up and communicate
Thank you