Mavproxy for Telemetry listening without network to the GCS

Hi all
I would like to have for a watching person a telemtry listening device to monitor mavlink telemetry data from the vehicle. There is no possibility to have a WLAN network between the GCS and the watching position and I would not like to use GSM to forwarding in mavproxy.
Is there a way to set up mavproxy to just listening to the mavlink messages and display the position and speed…
Thanks for your help

Is this post my solution?

  • set mavfwd false
  • set heartbeat 0 in mavinit.scr

How ist elemetry getting from the vehicle to the watching person? Does the watching person have a telemetry radio paired with the vehicle?

I was thinking of using a SIK radios
The watching person would use a SIK radio with the same settings as on the GCS

You could cut the tx line on the radio used by the watching person.

good point, I will try that out

No need to cut the tx, just set the duty cycle on the listening radio to 0