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Mavproxy as exclusively proxy, no commands


I am trying to test some new ground control software I have been working on. I’ve tested thoroughly using SITLs and now I want to try it outside on real hardware.

For this test, I want to use MavProxy with two outs, one out for my GCS and another for mission planner. However, I want my GCS software to be the only one sending anything back to the drone though MavProxy. This means I need the Mission Planner out to have “set mavfwd false” (I’ve got that part down) and I also want mavproxy itself to send no Mavlink packets to the drone. I think Mavproxy will request parameters etc. to be sent on startup. I don’t want that to happen, I only want Mavproxy to forward mavlink packets to/from my GCS.

Can mavproxy be operated this way or do I need to look somewhere else?

Thanks for any insight!

@tridge this looks like an interresting application of Mavproxy

Not sure you can arrange all of that.

But you could try “–continue” on the commandline and “set heartbeat 0”

We are basically using mavproxy that way since 3-4 years. It works very nicelly, only remember to had set heartbeat 0 in mavinit.scr

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