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Mavlink Unstable RPi 3+ and Pixhawk 4

I have no idea why this is happening, I have tried everything I can think of. I have re-flashed everything. I replaced the serial connection between rpi and pixhawk 4. I get what is in the screenshot when I connect. The screenshots are from two separate attempts using the same run code

Try a slower baudrate. If there is electrical interference (EMI/EMC) on the serial cable it can lead to corruption at higher baudrates.

Thanks Stephen, that worked a treat. I am new to alot of this. If I have a MAVRos question, is it something I ask here or in the MAVRos discussion board. You might say I answered my own question but the error I get is FCU related in that when I run:

rosrun mavros mavsys mode -c 0

I get

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