MavLink over Canbus


I am wondering in a Pixhawk or Pi based ardupilot, could Mavlink messages coming out of RX/TX Serial pins, be put into a UART to CAN converter, and sent over Canbus?

Or would there be an issue with data overflow?

You will need to look at AP_periph firmware to get uart on a canbus node.

Hi thanks for the reply.

I am wondering if you can elaborate more?

My quick searches on AP Periph firmware did not yield anything decent from what I can see.

the AP_periph is a canbus node firmware.

it lets you run another chip/flight controller as a canbus port expander.


you can search for UAVCAN and TUNNEL on this forum

Here a part of discussion I had a few years back:

But the question remains , why tunnelling MavLink through this interface ?
UAVCAN - now DRONECAN - is a highly specialized peripheral control bus and using it to “smuggle” other types of signal is really not optimal.