Mavlink dataflash log download

hi every one
I’m building a small tool for quality test of our drones and I’m using pymavlink and dronekit to download dataflash log of drone
I’m sending LOG_REQUEST_LIST message to get log indexes
I get back several LOG_ENTRY message and it looks ok
after that I’m requesting the just before last log index with size of file by sending LOG_REQUEST_DATA and it looks to work ( almost at begining ) I got some LOG_DATA answer but it stop in middle of file and if I look in detail LOG_DATA.ofs (offset from start of file) some time it skip part of file for restarting later in the file … but in any case it never ends to send all block of data :frowning:
every bock is 90 byte sized and looks ok
I’m trying in SITL for the moment but it must be same anywhere …
thanks for any help full idea …

You need to go back and fill the gaps in yourself.

You might like to check mavproxy’s log download module for inspiration.


thank’s for your help