Mavlink and Guided modes - how control only the yaw of the quad?

Hey All,
I’m flying a quad with that has a gimballed camera and a companion computer that performs object tracking and is controlling the gimbal as well.
The movement of the camera is limited left-right wise, and I want the quad to yaw toward the tracked object when possible. However, I still want the pilot to control the position of the quad, and override the yaw commands if he desires.
I was trying to do so using Guided (or Guided_NoGPS since I’m fiddling with a quad strapped to a testing jig) with no success.

I’m still not sure how to approach this, I’m not even sure that Guided is the way to go.
I have a Mavlink library set up on the companion computer.
Which flight mode should the quad be in, and which mavlink commands would yaw the aircraft (if it matters, I’d like to use relative yaw angle rather than absolute) ?

You should update to ArduCopter 4.3.2 it has better gimbal support.

You should use these commands:

Thanks, I’m using ArduCopter 4.3.2.
Let me explain a bit more about what I’m trying to do, since I’m not quite sure if the gimbal_v2 is what I’m looking for.

I’m using Cube Orange, a gimballed camera with its own camera and gimbal control - which can be looked at as a single unit that outputs data and video. It also has its own image-tracking feature. It can use Mavlink communication, with a specific dialect (manufacturer defined).
I also have a companion computer (ST F303 series, also ‘speaks’ Mavlink) to perform some simple tasks.

I want the copter to yaw on 2 conditions: pilot’s command for auto yaw (preferred to be a switch from the RC) and that the camera manager reporting that its in tracking mode.