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I’m trying to get started with Maverick. I’ve tried the following on both a Raspberry Pi 3 and also in the provided Ubuntu VM. I’m running as [dev] and “maverick status” shows all five SITL services running. The docs say mavlink-router is sending to 14580, so I was hoping the following local command would connect to SITL: “ --master=”. That doesn’t work - mavproxy just sits waiting for a heartbeat. I can’t see anything interesting/relevant under ~/var/log, nor in /tmp/ArduCopter.log. What am I missing? Maverick looks like a great piece of work which will save a ton of time, once I get past square one. Thank you.

try telling mavproxy whether it is udp or tcp
ie --master=udpout: or --master=udp: etc. Also (apologies for asking, but just in case), check your IP address.

Hiya, the default proxy for SITL (mavlink-router) logs to the system journal, so have a look at:
maverick log mavlink-router@sitl
Try the udpin ports located from 14583-14585 ( and the tcp ports and see if they work, obviously changing the mavproxy master string to reflect that. If they do, you might have a problem with udpout ports under mavlink-router:
Maybe add your 2c if you think you’re having the same problem (I don’t think @lucasdemarchi believes me :wink:

You can also change the SITL proxy type:

Hope you get running :slight_smile:

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Oops, yes I forgot to specify the protocol. So now I can connect locally using tcp ( --master=tcp:

For udp, I now have it working, but am confused. The documentation says 14580-82 are “udp” ports, and 14583-85 are “udpin” ports. The only way I could connect over udp is with udpout, and only on ports 14583-85 like this: “ --master=udpout:localhost:14583”. I can’t get any of the ports 14580-82 to connect. I’m puzzled why I have to specify it as udpout to get it to work, the mavproxy docs say use that for a remote machine and I’m connecting to localhost.

I wasn’t able to get mavlink-router to do what I wanted so I switched to mavproxy and everything is working well both local and remote access - thank you.

Thanks for reporting back with your experiences :slight_smile: mavproxy is a really rock solid, very featured GCS. However mavlink-router has a lot of benefits - in particular it uses a fraction of the cpu of mavproxy which is important on a raspberry, and it also saves dataflash logs for automatic analysis. If you have any specific issues, please do raise them at:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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