Mav issue with new PC

I just got a new computer specifically for MP because it will not run on my 64 bit windows 7 pro computer with out errors. I loaded MP on my new PC, it works fine but my mav link does not work. I can connect the same mav to another laptop and it works but not on the new install.
Any help would be appreciated.
I was using the wrong com port that showed up in MP.
My guess is the mav driver did not load. Still?
No mav com port is listed on MP just a usb - com adapter that plug and played like mav link has done in the past for me…

This sounds a lot like a serial driver issue. I’ve had issues with Widows 10 installing their “universal” CP210x serial driver.

To fix this I “downgraded” to the 6.7.6. driver.

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Yes that worked! Thanks a bunch! (solved)

You’re welcome.
Fly safe.