Matek Systems H743-SLIM arbitrary rotation on YAW after takeoff

The board is Matek Systems H743-SLIM placed on a hexacopter, the software is Copter 4.2. After take-off there is an arbitrary rotation on YAW. I thought it was from a compass but the same rotations are in AltHolt mode. After landing I found that all CCW motors are hot while CW are cold. Where to dig?
the logs are here

Hello @nikiforiv

I saw your logs and it seems that your motors are misaligned. Sometimes the CW motors even reach their minimum and even this is not enough to maintain yaw.

I suggest that you review the mechanical mount and check the motors allignment.

Thanks for the reply,

I inspected the engines, saw no difference in alignment. Since my hexа as a construction is detachable for easier carrying, each arm can be removed and replaced by another. So I rotated the bikes with one on CW so all the motors that were CW became CCW. Unfortunately, I could only try it at home. There seems to be a slight improvement but it may seem so to me, but the minimum PWM on a bike has become 1250us and not as before 1150us.

For now, I’m waiting for new propellers because these seem quite heavy to me (now the propellers are 11x4.7 motor SUNNYSKY X2212-13 kv: 980. The expected propellers are 10x4.5)

The logs from the test at home are here.

As @BrunoBagarini said you have a large mechanical Yaw bias. With your motor assignments Motors 2,4&5 (CCW) are commanded significantly higher than the CW motors.

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