Matek F405 with a FS-X8B (iBus), sticks not showing in mission planner

As the title says i can not get my TX sticks to show up in navigation planner.

This receiver is a i-BUS receiver, so the cable labeled i-bus on the receiver is soldered to the RX2 pad.

My TGY-i6 transmitter has PPM output on as described in the manual.

The two are binded (bound? English is not my native language).

The board shows up in mission planner, i can see the horizon move when moving the board. However when i move on to radio calibration my sticks will not show. All greyed out.

I googled for about two hours, everywhere i see people working with betaflight and having to set parameters for the flightcontroler to know it has to listen to uart 2. i can not figure out where to set any of this is mission planner, if actually needed at all…

Anybody able to help me out here?

A little update, just to be sure I installed betaflight and got it working over there.

Had to set receiver to uart2, and change the protocol from sbus to ibus. Save, reboot, and all working. So only to find out how to do that in mission planner :).

So I figured ardupilot does not support iBus.

Betaflight is not useable for me since there is not even a decebt rtl mode.

Guess I’ll have to take a look at iNav. Sad because ardupilot feels so much further developed…

I had the same issue with Matek F405 Wing and Ardupilot (Plane) v3.9.11 and FS-X8B receiver using iBus on RX2 (stick movements didn’t show). However all is working in Ardupilot v4.0.0 with the same hardware!