Matek F405-STD, where it is?


in 3.6.11 release notes it is wrotten that binary for this FC is created, but I can’t find it in the firmware tree under 3.6.11. No Matek F405-STD subdirectory …

Where can I find this official binary ?

thanks for any help

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I found it on the firmware page under the latest tree but I agree with you that it does not yet appear in the 3.6.11 tree.

you can use the normal Matek F405 firmware, the only difference is the default orientation.

yes I can find v3.7.0 and even 4.0.0 specific for 405-STD, but not 3.6.11 official … Strange as it is specified in the release notes of 3.6.11.

Concerning the orientation what is the default orientation of the STD when using the normal firmware ?

yaw_90 if i remember correctly.