Matek F405 Std Does it have to be mounted rotated?


Aiming to use ArduPlane on a Matek F405 STD board but it refuses to “lean” right. Been through accel and compass calibration many times but when the arrow on the board is pointing forwards and the board is tilted forwards the “plane” is tilted right!

How to fix this?

Many thanks in advance

I’ll reply to myself. AHRS_ORIENTATION fixes it. Still it is a bit strange that Accel calibration is successful as it must think I’m insane and lean my plane in faulty directions every time :frowning:
I really thought that the accel calibration would discover and correct for boards having the IMU rotated.

Many, many thanks for this great project
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on MatekF405 board variants with the ICM20602 (like the -STD type), the IMU is mounted in a 270° CW yaw rotation compared to the CTR board type.
a dedicated firmware has been added for the STD board type:, but that hasn‘t been backported to plane 3.x firmwares, so you‘ll only find it in latest and plane 4.0 beta:

unless using the dedicated MatekF405-STD firmware, you‘ll want to set AHRS_ORIENTATION accordingly.