Matek f405-CTR - only one motor spins, no GPS

Hi guys! Trying to setup Arducopter on Matek f405-CTR FC.
Flashed well with iNav Configurator, can connect with MissionPlaner, can setup radio, accel and compass but having problems with GPS (NoGPS, connected to TX1/RX1), and motors - only motor 2 works. Assembly was tested with iNav firmware - all motors and GPS working.

Please help! Is anybody have success with Arducopter and Matek f405-CTR?

latest MissionPlanner,

can you post your parameters, its possible that the pinouts do not match the INav ones

Thanks for reply, all default parameters, params file will provide later

have you seen this?

yes, no success
Primary I want to fix motors, looks like arducopter aand iNav use different mapping, but i compared and - pwm ports mapping looks similar

I use this controller with firmware 3.6.5. Everything works fine.

Maybe PM will be able to communicate in their native language…

Hi, i have same FC and all works fine except the barometer … in telemetry the quote is 5/8 meters wrong.
Have you same problem?

No, I have no problems any more - switched to Pixhawk)

Yes pixhawk works well, but i have matek on 5" quad and pix it’s too big!