Matek ASPD-4525 airspeed sensor with F405WSE controller - no airspeed data?

Hi folks,

I’ve been working on attaching an airspeed sensor - Matek’s ASPD-4525 - to my flight controller, a Matek F405-WSE, which is running ArduPlane V4.0.9. I can connect the sensor to the board using the 5V, G, DA1, and CL1 pins for the corresponding I2C pins on the sensor, and the power light on the sensor lights up, but no airspeed data (normal 1-2m/s fluctuation) is visible in Mission Planner - the parameter “airspeed” remains fixed at 0. I’ve checked the pins of airspeed sensor with a multimeter, just to get some assurance that there isn’t a major hardware issue on that side, and both the SDA and SCL pins seem to be about 3.2 V, indicating to me that some sort of data is being sent. And in Mission Planner, I have the airspeed (ARSPD_) parameters set to the following values: params.png. I’ve been combing the internet and can’t seem to find anyone with the same problem. Any thoughts on whether this might be a hardware, software, or compatibility issue would be much appreciated!


Have you tried blowing into it? lightly , with care ! otherwise it may be damaged.