MASSIVE 200 LB Drone ESC issue

Having an issue getting Pixhawk Orange Cube to communicate with Flier Model 500 Amp ESCs on my giant Hexacopter. My first setup worked fine with MadX 200 amp ESCs. No problems calibrating or usage. I changed to these Flier Model 500 Amp ESCs and they just beep that there is no signal from the cube. If i cut out the cube, and just run a wire from a Futaba receiver to 1 ESC and power up, it works fine and responds to throttle input, but as soon as i go back to the cube, there is no signal again. Do I need to change the RC Speed parameter from default 490Hz to something lower like 60Hz or something ? Please send help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Does it require 5v PWM signal instead of 3.3v PWM ?
What about in MissionPlanner motor test? Hardware safety switch?

cube is running off its own power source
escs have their own power
hardware safety switch disabled
can’t do motor test because there is no signal

Not the power source. This:
PWM voltage


Ok i will try that here shortly. Thanks so much for the communication :slight_smile:

Ok so i changed that parameter to a 1 for 5v and still the same problem, no signal. Why would the esc work normally direct from the Futaba receiver (model R3008SB) and not from the pixhawk?

Ran some tests with multi meter. Futaba puts out @5-6 volts
Pixhawk not putting out any voltage on pins on either 3v or 5v setting in parameters

also saw that the Mad Amp X ESC does not has a positive wire on its lead so this would explain why those worked and not these Flier ESCs.

Any idea why pixhawk is not putting voltage out to main output pins?

The Pixhawk standard leaves the center (Vcc) pin disconnected so you can provide an appropriate rail voltage for peripheral hardware. If your ESCs need voltage on that pin, you must supply it.

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It sure would be fun to see some photos of your hexacopter.

By the way, welcome to the ArduPilot forums.

Edit: Fixed typo.

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thanks yuri, good to know. what is the purpose of the 3v or 5v option in the parameters that DKEMXR mentioned earlier in the thread then?

i appreciate everyones input. Thank you. Will post a pic once its airborne hopefully this weekend

The voltage level of the PWM signal. This is 5V

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gotcha , i understand now. thank you