Marvelmind integreation: BCN parameter not found

Hey folks,

I’m having some trouble connecting the Marvelmind Indoor-GPS to a Pixhawk1 running Copter 3.6.0 (stable). Following this instruction I’m not able to find any of the mentioned “BCN_” parameter.
Am I missing something? Is this the right instruction to follow, to get indoor navigation working?

Thanks in advance.


I suspect the issue is that -v2 has been loaded onto the vehicle instead of -v3. You might want to try downloading and then specifically uploading -v3 using the ground station’s “Custom firmware” option. the 3.6.0 for -v3 is here for NuttX (look for ArduCopter-v3.px4) and here for ChibiOS (look for arducopter.apj).

By the way, the difference between -v2 and -v3 is that the -v2 firmware must be smaller (i.e. less features) so that it can fit into Pixhawks which suffer from the “1MB flash limit”. This “1MB flash limit” issue is a hardware issue in the CPUs created by ST micros - the hardware issue was resolved in new CPUs from ST Micros but Pixhawks made with the older CPUs will suffer from the problem.


Thank you very much for your help. I managed to install the new firmware and found all necessary parameter. After completing the installation, I run into another problem. The drone sometimes jumps to the correct location, only to disappear from the map shortly afterward, printing the message: “EKF3 IMU1 stopped aiding”
Has anyone noticed something like this before?

I think this means that the EKF was not happy with the position numbers it was getting from marvelmind and so it gave up. I would perhaps check the position estimates from the marvelmind system and make sure they are reasonable. Also maybe check the vehicle’s heading vs the marvelmind’s heading. if the compass is still enabled then the EKF will try and use it. If the marvel mind positions are not aligned with north then the EKF will find the position movements don’t match what it would expect from the heading and become unhappy.

P.S. i hope that @amilcarlucas can provide some additional advice.