Manually set permanent home position

This isn’t exactly 3.6 related, but is definitely a support question…
Is there a way to manually set a home position, and have it keep that home position w/out needing a tablet/software for each flight?
Basically, when I’m flying at home I always manually take off from under trees in my back yard. Often before I have GPS lock. (It gets lock once I’m up clear from buildings and trees). But, I’d like my home position to be in my front yard on my driveway, away from trees, so I can play w/ auto landing, etc.
On some of my copters I almost only use them here, so it would be nice to be able to set my home position for that copter, and never have to mess w/ it again. It will always land in my driveway unless I change the parameter.

Is there a way to do this? I could see commercial applications for this too, in the future… If you have a home base of operations, and are sending drones out. There could be some glitch or GPS issue or other reason home could be wrong on arming… But you know you always want the vehicle to return to the same location.

Thanks for any advice.

Would a rally point do it? That stays permenantly set until you delete it. You’d need to check the associated parameters to make sure behaviour is as expected. You dont want to go down to the local park and have the craft try to return all the way to the rally point if it’s 2miles away.

I don’t think you can currently do it.

However, perhaps setting a rally point might do the trick for you?

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