Mamba H743 v2 WiFI support

So I partly fried my Mamba H743 in a crash and after almost 2 months of waiting got my hands on Mamba H743 v2. It has an onboard WiFI module and I want to get it working.

According to the manual (, the WiFi module is not always on, but instead requires the Betaflight/iNav USER2 input to turn on. I tested it with iNav and it works.

Apparently the ArduCopter hardware definition for Mamba H743 does not have that input mapped. And I am struggling to understand what steps I need to take from here.

This is the iNav target:

This is the ArduCopter hwdef:

Does the firmware have to be rebuilt or can I enable the WiFi module simply by editing params?
What is the right GPIO pin, etc.?

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At least please help me understand the pinout to hwdef mapping. According to hwdef PC5 is GPIO 81. On the pinout I found on the Internet GPIO 81 is PD0, not PC5.