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Main parts for autonomous basic bout?

First, sorry for my english, im Spanish. Im so confused and lost in this type of buildings. I want to make a autonomous boat with the missionplaner. I read that i have to make with ardupilot rover system… I want to make a boat with only 2 brushless motors. Physically with the appearance of this

Are this the parts that i need? Or i need some more accesories?

The RC reciver and trasnmitter:

The Pixhawk system with telemetry and accesories:

And the motors, esc, proppelers…etc

This are all the parts that i need to make it?

Again, thank you for all, im so excited to learn and start with this project but i have so many begginer question. Apart, i dont find so many imformation in Spanish, so it makes more diffcult to lear. THANKS!

Any suggestion or help here?

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