"MAG: Information received from Compass"

In the log, “MAG: Information received from Compass”
Is the normal value of?
Is the following MAG normal?

Post a link to the .bin log file and describe the problem you’re trying to fix, and maybe some details about your aircraft too.

We will send you the link below. Thank you very much.

Compass error and motor balance error may or may not occur.

The aircraft is a hexacopter.


you need to open up access to that shared logfile


Can you see it?

You clockwise motors are working harder than counter-clockwise. This indicates a physical yaw imbalance, like twisted motor mounts or arms. Motors must all be aligned perfectly.
Otherwise I dont see any big issues.

After you fix the motor alignment, do another test flight and post another log.

Motor mounting is not horizontal?

Correct - one easy way to see is check all prop tips point perfectly to the prop tips on each side of it. All props need to spinning on the same plane.

You can see how the CW and CCW motors have to fight the physical yaw problem - this can affect stability because there’s not much left-over RPM for pitch and roll control. CW motors cant go much harder, and CCW motors cant go much less without the craft being out of control.

Adjust all motors again so they are level.

Is this also affected by MAG?

Compass looks OK so far, there’s no big issue - but do another test flight after you’ve sorted the yaw bias and lets see the new log file

Level the motor and fly again.

I adjusted the motor horizontally to fly.
Attach the log.
※In automatic diagnosis, the motor balance was “GOOD”.