LUA Scripting Rc 1CH to 2 servo out

Dear scripters,

Can somebody write me a script for this:
I want use one ch to trigger 2 servo output. If input ch is 1500 the two servo out is 1500. If input is ± 250, one servo out is ±500, the other is 1500, and if ±500 is the input, the other servo out is ±500, and the first go back 1500.
So if the input is 1500, the two servo output is mid, if the input is 1250 or 1750, the first servo out is low/high, the second is mid, and if the input is 1000/2000, the second servo outi s low/high, and the first one is mid.
I dont have enough ch, so i want to use 1 ch to control two outputs. I can’t find any similar script. Please help somebody!

Thank you!