LUA scripting:EFI JetCat Driver bad argument

I added the JetCat EFI driver script to the flight control and changed the parameters according to the documentation. The ground station message displays the following error: PreArm: Scripting:./scripts/EFI_JetCat.lua:468: bad argument. I repeated the same problem in the simulation. Whether the problem can be resolved or the jetcat engine can be connected by other means.

Did you reboot after setting parameters? Is the engine’s ECU powered on at boot time?

You’re getting an error on a line that’s actually intended to be a graceful failure and display an error message, but things have gone so sideways, it can’t even do that.

Yes, I rebooted. And switched on the engine power.

if not efi_backend then
2   efi_backend = efi:get_backend(0)
3   if not efi_backend then
4      return
5   end

I found these codes. lua scripts require an import of an external efi driver, but no statements to import efi drivers are found in lua scripts. Cause efi initialization to fail and return ‘nil’. So, where is the efi driver? How do lua scripts import the required efi? How to get lua scripts to work correctly.

Correct. No imports. They are “bindings” to the underlying firmware made implicitly available.

What firmware version are you using?

The latest version 4.5.1. back to 4.3.8 issues still exist.

The script is failing immediately. It indicates something is wrong with your configuration.

@tridge - I think you wrote this one. Perhaps you can help?