Low Battery warning to stay on screen

is there a way to make the “low battery” warning to remain on the screen (for example of the Mission Planner HUD) permanently, once triggered once ?
It currently disappears after a few seconds:it is very easy to miss it, which might be dangerous …

See laso my post on Misison Planner with some pictures:

Thanks !

What version of firmware are you using?

I get constant warning when battery is low including voice notices.

if you are using Open TX, you can also add yaapu Telemetry. It is 100% times mroe efficient when it comes battery warning.

Thanks for your answer

I use Mssion Planner 1.3.70, build 1.3.7277, and ArduPover 4.1.0

Have ever tried WITHOUT voice alarms (i.e. empty string), just with low voltage and capacity thresholds set ?

I will give alook into YAAPU telemtry, yes I use Open TX: do you confirm no additional hardware is needed, just connecting PIXHAWK with Taranis receiver and so some software downloads/setup ?


You need yaapu cable its like 10 dollars.

Basically you will get mission planner Hud inside your tx

You can Use another frysky product called individual lipo cell voltage monitor.


Catch is, it only works x type of Rx. Read the wiki