Lost with wiris agro R mavlink setting

Hello everybody,
i’m totally lost with the setting of my wiris agro R and little poor informations to set up in mavlink
please find it below
mavlink licence is ok in the camera. wire correctly created.
i think some steps are missing, i don’t understand how command mavlink is done, i need help…



You do not provide any proper details on

  • what you have done?
  • What worked?
  • What exactly did not work?
  • What are the error messages?
  • Are you using ArduCopter 4.3.2-rc1 like you should?

How can we help you? Are we clairvoyant? :wink:

Hello sorry,
like in the manual, i made a wire to connect the camera to the gps2 port (serial 4) of the pixhawk cube orange.
scheme is given by this manual

after the only informations given are to set the serial to 57600 baud and active mavlink2 protocol

ther is no more informations and manual say it’s normally done…

this camera wiris agro R is mounted on a gremsy pixy U. all wires of the camera (main camera wire and hdmi are connected to the gremsy aux and pixhawk serial is connected to the Quick release aux connectics.
gimball alredady use the telem2 for control with mavlink protocol ans telem 1 is used by herelink.

now, when i click on “cam trigger now” like the manual, nothing happen.

camera mavlink is activated, licence mavlink ok, cable to pixhawk is good too.

i think there is other settings to do, at this day, no communication with the camera. i can trigger with sbus and pwm but no geotagging of the pictures in this way.


Try switching Rx and tx

i don’t really understand how mavlink work, when i set the serial to good bauds and protocole mavlink, the simple fact to do a “cam trigger now” send a mavlink command? how can do it with my here link? because i use hotspot herelink to run my labtop whit mission planner but if i want to use cam button?

totally lost, i used differents camera before…

Try switching Rx and Tx wires