Lost telemetry from Iris+ to TX after updating to 4.1.1

(NOS 3DR Iris+ package)
Iris+ Drone
FlySky FS-TH9X PCM1024 TX w/ FrSKY/DJT RF Module.

Telemetry fine originally.
Loaded Mission Planner Copter 4.1.1 Official firmware.
Lost telemetry to TX somewhere during calibrations.

I am not a computer guy.

if its using frsky D telemetry, you need to set the serial port on the pixhawk in all parameters to mode 3 for Frsky D telemetry.

…and this can be done in Mission Planner?

Telemetry screen on transmitter only shows RX % and ‘stabilize’ but the rest are all zeros.
Mission Planner shows all readings except for battery-level (zero).
System will arm properly and throttle responds (props removed).
When drone battery is disconnected TX shows blank telemetry screen w/ ‘NO DATA’ at bottom so there was some signal.

…and, I can no longer control the gimbal manually.

You could post your parameter file here. It might help diagnose the issues. In Mission Planner Config>Full Parameter List>Save to file. What version of Copter did you update from?

MP 1.3.75 build 1.3.7883.26610 ArduCopter V4.1.1 (01d1aa1e)

geofrancis suggested “need to set the serial port on the pixhawk in all parameters to mode 3 for Frsky D telemetry”. I found where to do it in the configuration tab but needs ‘external converter hardware(?)’ to change the value.

I’m working on getting that parameter list…

Well, here goes nuthin’…

12-5-21-1534hrs.param (16.5 KB)

I posted the file.

I guess the telemetry got screwed up with the introduction of the software.
Initially, out of the box, the motors would not arm but everything else appeared to be good. That’s why I downloaded Mission Planner to diagnose the no-arming issue.
If I can get my telemetry back this drone would be ready to go.

Everything appears to be reset to default. No Flight Modes are assigned, Battery Monitor isn’t configured and Mount (gimbal) is not configured. All PID’s are at Copter default and I suspect there were specific ones for the Iris+.

But for now take @geofrancis advice and set SERIAL2_PROTOCOL to 3 from the Full Parameter List. Make sure to hit Save after making the change. See if that brings back more telemetry. You won’t have battery voltage until you configure the battery monitor.

There is a parameter set in Github for this craft located here:
Iris+ parameters
Perhaps someone with direct Iris+ knowledge can comment but I think you have to configure many parameters to get back to where you were.

Thanx. I’ll check the Github list.
I appreciate all the help from everyone here.

Ain’t new hobbies fun?

Do you have any flight log files from before you updated the firmware? We can extract the parameter file from the Flight Log and check the specific parameters required for the Iris+. These are on the Flight Controllers Sd card and can be downloaded from Mission Planner. It’s the .bin file we are after. You can’t attach it here directly, you’ll have to place it in cloud storage somewhere (dropbox, etc.) and post a link to it.

No, I didn’t save anything before I updated :grimacing:.
The drone hasn’t been airborne, yet.

There’s a FC SD card?

Although - HUZZAH!!! - I got everything back except manual control of the camera gimbal.


Connect to Mission Planner and from the Data screen select “Download dataflash log via mavlink”. The dialog box that opens will list saved log files if present. Look at the date and choose one from before updating and hit Download Selected Logs.

For the camera gimbal update these parameters from the Github parameters:

Start with MNT_TYPE and then refresh the parameters to show the others.

Well, it seems the MNT parameters have changed from the older version in the GitHub parameter file list… But I think you just need to know which RC in channel(s) are being used for control and the new parameter names look to be self explanatory.

I’ll attempt the fix tomorrow. The drone &TX batteries went into low alarm and I’m not too far behind.

Again, I really appreciate all the help.

1 7-31-2015 5-41-10 PM.bin (141.0 KB)

Here is the oldest log (I hope) dated 7/31/2015.

2 8-3-2015 12-25-54 PM.bin (242.0 KB)
…and 8/3/2015 before Mission Planner download of 12/4/21.

I am not able to open / read any log / bin files.

I’m going to have to backtrack on some of the parameters because, even though they run, the motors are not functioning properly - the front or rear stopping altogether with stick forward or back and sounding very unhappy when stick is left or right.

Frustrated, but not quitting - yet…

The logs open fine but you had an ancient version of Arducopter on there (3.2.1). The trick is to translate the parameters from that old version to 4.1.1. But, the parameter names have changed and there are many, many more available. Let’s try this:

@rmackay9 Frank here has an Iris+ that he updated from 3.2.1 to 4.1.1 and many parameters were unsurprisingly reset to default. Is there a full parameter file around for 4.x that he can start with?

A parameter roadmap would be great!

I’ve got the Iris+ cooperating again - still no manual gimbal control though.
Will recharge, then retest everything tomorrow - at least whatever possible w/ props off.

I fly an ancient IRIS all the time (but with the latest firmware) so I’m sure we can get it flying well. We’ve got a 3.4 param file here for it but I guess I should replace that with a more up-to-date file for 4.1…

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