Lost drone recovery

Hello All,

Can anyone give insight into my lost drone recovery idea. Looked and never found anyone here that has discussed this although this topic has surely been discussed many times.

Say your drone does a fly away, and you have no coordinates on controller of last position of drone.So it has flown out of sight into timber. How would a person rig each drone to were if you have a second drone along, You could launch second drone and fly it at least close to last sighting of lost drone and pick up a signal to recovery drone to get a coordinates this way,rather than walking searching.
Probably sounds far fetched , but had a fly away after getting first drone after about 2 months and 10 flights,and went into heavy timber, about a $300 drone. This was a ‘consumer drone’ so there was no buzzer setup, FYI. Looking back this may have been at least a possible way of finding drone rather than no chance.
So, would a wifi signal on an always on circuit on drone be a setup for this or anyone,care to chime in?
Sorry for long post


I use one of these if I am flying outside my Line of Sight

They work perfect and they are pretty small and easily mount to the frame

There is this project that looks pretty good: