Lost control and almost crash when return to Normal mode

It is my first experience with Arduplane so there are a lot things I ignore.
The plane is a Skywalker X1 a 60 cm delta wing, 300 grams AUW, with Pixracer, last Arduplane firmware.

The plane was flying well in Normal mode when in FBWA it flies well too but had only little command on ailerons so turns where very wide .
I tried to fly in Autotune mode but since it was difficult to make turns I decide to return in Normal mode.

When I switch back to Normal mode I loose immediately control so I switch back to FBWA and fortunately at last the plane stabilize again and after a couple of very wide turns I was able to land safely.

How can I increase when the Pixracer has the control the command to Ailerons servos ?

Here the log file.
21.BIN.zip (2.7 MB)

here my parameters with later Mixing gain from 0,5 to 0,8
X1 sunday crash.param (11.2 KB)

I was flyng in master / trainer mode so two radios where the master radio change flight mode while trainer radio was piloting, do not know if it could had play a role when ATT ROLL went crazy