Looking for recommendations on AIO board

Hey out there.
Looking for recommendation on an AIO board. One that is known to run Arudcopter.
I need the ability to have GPS, on board Baro preferably and I2C for external compass.

Let me know your thoughts please and thanks.

take a look at the flywoo https://flywoo.net/collections/aio-evo-fc/products/goku-gn745-40a-aio-bl_32-mpu6000-25-5-x-25-5. I believe @MaxBuzz has used them on a tiny build with success. I have a cpl running BF without issues they seem to be good quality.

There is a post today with one on a 6" Rekon.

My FC for my tiny build is JHEMCU GSF405A, which is:

  • quite feature-rich: Ardupilot-capable, lots of UARTs, built-in ELRS etc;
  • lightweight (3.3g), but its ESCs are 2S and 5A only, so you will not have a lot of spare thrust available;
  • and the build quality is not high.

my bad it was @fujihide that had used that FC on a beta95x

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Yet another hint for @rickyg32 is that many of these boards are supported starting from Copter 4.2 onwards, which is contrary to Copter 4.1 topic category, but since Ricky looks for a new board, it seems that using a newer firmware is not a problem anyway :slight_smile:

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I have a Flywoo AIO board on an 85mm Whoop frame. You can read more about it here if you like.

This board also has an I2C port for an external compass.

Hey thanks for this.
IS it 40 amps per channel or 40 amps total.

it is 40amp per motor. I love these boards they are back in stock although for a bit higher price.