Looking for guidance triggering on/off scripts from the Controller

Hello Everyone,

As I make progress setting up my platform, I realize that I need to trigger Lua scripts for quick tuning.
Somehow I’m unable to find the proper step-by-step guide to do this from QGC at the Herelink. I will make sure to document and post my experience once I complete this project.

All I know is that this is about selecting a button within QGC. I know I need to enable scripting in the FC and that the script runs by default. I’m missing how to associate a button action to stopping/starting a script. Could you point me to the right direction?

Thank you for your help!


I am not sure about Herelink, but maybe the procedure for a typical radio setup helps already.

The usual setup is that you assign a switch (2-pos. or 3-pos.) to a radio channel and in ArduPilot you set RCn_OPTION = 300, so that the script knows to listen to that channel. Then configure the script parameters and fly. It is also described here: Quicktune Readme

[Edit] I assume you want to use it for a drone (or VTOL plane), right? If not ignore this post :wink:

Hi Janno!

Thank you for the insight. That is correct. I’m using it for an octocopter as I’m following the guide here:

In fact, there’s a great video from Randy Mackay demonstrating this technique but it’s not clear how he implemented it.