Looking for a little help

Hi Guys

I appreciate that this is a forum and a place to discuss issues, bugs and fixes.
Is there anyone on here that would be willing meet with me on Microsoft Teams or Zoom to talk me through the basics of DroneKit-Python with the ArduPilot firmware for controlling a drone?

I have been working with the ArduPilot and DroneKit documentation but apart from being able to arm my drone I am getting so much unexpected behaviour.

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies.


P.S. I’m happy to pay the going rate for a tutoring session if that makes this a little more enticing.

I think dronekit is outdated…
I think at some point there was a discussion if Ardupilot should pursue the development of dronekit but there was a decision against it.
So probably the best solution would be to program with Mavlink, although it is not as user-friendly.

you can use the mavlink libraries generated by pymavlink, or mavros, or update dronekit.

Thanls @Vabe / @amilcarlucas.
Are either of you available to talk me through some options/demonstrations via Teams/Zoom?