Longline Payload Thread

Looks great, i’ll order one of these…

Can you recommend a turorial, how attach the data to mavlink? And is there maybe a way to display it on the minimOSD since i will fly fpv…

Btw. Do you fly VLOS or FPV when pulling cables? Do you have radio communication with assistants?

It is BVLOS, with four cameras onboard and a chaser camera drone for additional angles. There are no people on the towers, the cable capture is automated.

Attaching is not an easy task, it needs an arduino program onboard to read and average the sensor data then send Mavlink status messages to the ground station, where it is displayed. Unfortunately I cannot share the program since it is part of the cable threading systems IP.

I was already guessing that there might be another drone for guidance.

We will use our gaia for cable rigging of cablecars and suspension bridge, i think we are going for something similar like you but we always have people and radio communication to the target spot as we did a lot of time before with manned helicopters.

I fully understand that you cannot share the code, like we can’t share a lot of our development (at least not for free) i will talk to our electronics developer on monday.

Hey there

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a load sensor parameter in ardupilot? I was thinking to start a opensource project with a UAVCAN or I2C interface. If there is any demand of it. Some help for the Arducopter integration would be nice…


The user base is quite limited. And I always prefer adding extra HW instead of modifying AP code. Any modification of the firmware adds a long testing procedure before it can be approved to use in daily ops. So it is easier to go with external HW.

Jeah that is right… I was just thinking maybe it would be a easy way to simulate another battery monitor and the reported voltage is the force in Newton for example… This would be also a easy way to display it in mission planner or even the OSD…