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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(MartinKeilloh) #1290

Not sure if this is allowed here,if not please remove,I will have a M12 radio and 2 receivers for sale shortly at a fair price if interested please let me no

(cala2) #1292

I send you a p.m. if you still have it.

(MartinKeilloh) #1293

have sent you A message Ale

(Tom-fly) #1294

wow, that system looks great! have you tested yet performance ? I’d like to get near hd quality fpv experience, at least better than ordinary analog stuff :grinning:

(RickyG) #1295

Are you referring to the T12 system…thats the newest with embedded video.
If so there are a couple folk looking at it. I have one but not tried it yet as I am in the middle of a move. @MartyMcFly has one coming…But right now I don’t think anyone else has it. Also I bumped into a fellow that bought one and he is complaining about video Latency. Unfortunately with no one in a position to test it out I don’t know if it’s just him or if latency is a problem.

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(MartinKeilloh) #1296

will keep every one posted on it’s performance when it arrives

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(MartinKeilloh) #1297

Well im a lucky boy my T12 has arrived early than expected,it will be tomorow before I get it set up but looking forward to this,and will keep every one up to speed,thank you every one

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(MartinKeilloh) #1298

Hi every one,ive managed to hook up the T12,receiver and camera,im pretty happy with it had to change the plug that gives telemetry to one that fitts the Pixhawk Cube 2.1 and shorten the camera and s bus leads,im looking forward to going out doing missions surveys etc and taking video’s and pic’s with new set up. just testing better video’s to come I hope

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(Jeff) #1299

Nice looking video ! What’s the large building in the background? Very impressive looking. Maybe you should think of a series of “Scotland by air” videos.

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(MartinKeilloh) #1300

Thank you Jeff,that is Marshal College was the old university of Aberdeen but now the HQ of the local council just been refurbished beautiful building,hope to get out tomorrow and to some testing of the video

(Jeff) #1301

Makes for great scenery!

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(RickyG) #1302


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(cala2) #1303

Anxious to know scotchland from air :wink:

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(cala2) #1304

Riky: in terraquian language whats mean? :slight_smile:

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(caoxueyu) #1305

(caoxueyu) #1306

Don’t switch to FHD or it will cause video jamming. Because T12 does not support FHD bit rate. I will turn off this FHD in the next version of Skydroid fpv.

(caoxueyu) #1307

choose the small one Unless you buy it for spraying UAVs

(RickyG) #1308

If you mean the funny symbol. I made it for Cao. It’s a QR code for the M12L Facebook group. He was looking for a way to get the word out about the Skydroid family of devices, firmware and so on with out tying up this forum.

(RickyG) #1309

Thats an awesome copter Cao.

So some new I got from Cao last night.

First T12 receivers will be available shortly around another week. Also the SDK that @ppoirier was asking about is coming.
Also the Analog to digital video converter is coming.

(MartinKeilloh) #1310

With out being patronizing,I really believe we have discovered A great system,it will get better and better very fast,and though I dont think Cao will understand me we have direct interface with the boss so problems are solved very fast.

On A update I went out this morning and did A few auto tune flights to get the craft nice,now to start more testing with the T12 proper but love what ive got.