Servers by jDrones

Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(caoxueyu) #105

sbus work well every a new receiver will be send to you today.
It is possible that customs staff or couriers will disassemble unfamiliar products for safety. This is my first time to express products abroad. Thank you for your patience.

(RickyG) #106

wow thanks man.
I believe that something is wrong with it. The setup of the unit is actually pretty easy. I am impressed so far. I really like this unit. I want to get a receiver with the short antennas, or I will upgrade it.
I assume you still have my address.

(RickyG) #107

This morning I tried the test again. This time I powered the receiver and Pixracer with two separate becs just to be safe. I have found that the Pixracer can do odd things if under powered. Sadly no change in the results.
I then pulled the cover off the receiver to see if there was a bad solder joint. Nope nothing.
I went back of the Assistant tool to see if there is anything I missed…nope nothing.
I am building my own documentation now with the things I am learning about the device. I am going to collect what I can to make life easier for anyone trying the unit out.


What are these for. Are they replacement knobs for the stick,

Is there a way to bind a new receiver to the transmitter. If your sending me a new one I assume I need a binding procedure.
How do you do a software upgrade on the receiver.
So the next question is what is the DC connection on the far right.

(ppoirier) #108

Just curious : What is the receiver chip ?

(RickyG) #109

Loblaws no name. Sorry Patrick I don’t see any markings on it.
I had it apart to see if I could find a bad solder joint or some other easy fix.
No luck

(ppoirier) #110

OK Thanks, nice design it is a real dual receiver . I was just curious about the sensitivity specs

So I guess that the LNA stage is adding 20 dB gain to the Receiver. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on the tests.

(caoxueyu) #111

This is issued to you, but the color is black. Please check it. If you don’t need rocker rubber, this can be used. In addition, I have uploaded the instructions in English. D and C are I2C extension pins. For extended applications, they are temporarily useless.

(caoxueyu) #112

Suddenly, how do you detect SBUS signals?
Connect missionplanner and telecontrol calibration? Then it’s gray, without green?.Can you take apicture like me02-48-16-646927522bf192ab1b243613f0012c8455e23d9f_1_690x345

(RickyG) #113

I think I have figured out what is going on.

I think the issue is that the SBUS out from the receiver is Non Inverted and I have a feeling frsky outputs Inverted SBUS and so the receiver is not being seen.

Check out my video

(RickyG) #114

Ok mystery solved.
The Skydroid RX is outputting non inverted, while FRSKY outputs inverted sbus. I know this is the case because i did a quick mod to the rx by bypassing the signal invert-er. It works like a champ now.
Shows up in Mission planner, I was able to calibrate the RC input with no issues.
Going to order an inverter cable…they are just a couple bucks.

the mod was easy just removed a resistor and added a wire.
Works great
Can provide more details if needed.


(Tom-fly) #115

cheers, I knew it! I have frsky receivers, lrs style etc. Usually if rx is blind it is inverted/non-inverted issue with sbus or sport. … :smiley:

(Tom-fly) #116

I’m going to try M12L with Pixhawk 4 ( So I have to do wire trick as well!!!


(Tom-fly) #117

secondary and tertiary fc I have f4 and F7. they both are able to use inverted/non-interved signals. Except f4 is able to do it on soft-layer.

(RickyG) #118

Here is how I did the mod.
Its’ pretty simple for anyone needing to switch to non inverted sbus.
Basically it’s remove the resistor and run a wire from the transistor to the pin.
bobs your uncle.

the next video I will do this weekend is actually setting up from the beginning to end, at least to the point where people can start playing with it. I confess I am liking the unit so far.
I may take the rubber covers off the joy sticks going forward.

Also note this isn’t a taranis. So your not going to set EXPO or custom sounds and stuff. This is very much the Mavic kind of interface.

Also going to see if other applications work with it like qGroundcontrol and Mission planner.

Oh and the antennas on the RX are just dumb, they are way to long way to heavy and way to ugly.
So I ordered some 2.4ghz frsky replacement antennas and will eventually mod this receiver.
hmmm I have some frsky v8fr-II antennas in the shop. I could swap them out real easy. But I have a pair of these on order and also ordered an inverter.

(RickyG) #119

ooooo pix 4. nice
very nice

(cala2) #120

Witch connector has the antenna.? Sma male etc.
Thank,s rick for show the way :slight_smile:

(caoxueyu) #121

Is this happening after removing a resistor and adding an electric wire?

(RickyG) #122

nope it works great…so the issue is that the transmitter outputs in non inverted SBUS and Pixracer can’t handle it.
So I took the wire back out for now and ordered an sbus inverter…so I am super happy now that i understand what the issue is and how to address it.
So there is nothing wrong with the receiver…its just not compatible with Pixracer with out an inverter. Mystery solved.

you might want to add that to your FAQ’s

(caoxueyu) #123

Do you have pixhawk or APM? You can try it. I don’t have pixracer. But the schematic of pixracer has an inverter that can be set up. I think pixracer should have this parameter. Who can explain?

(RickyG) #124

Don’t worry about it. Pixhawk and Pixhawk have built in inversion Pixracer doesn’t. So I ordered an inverter and that will solve the problem.
So all good. tomorrow I am going to see if I can do a setup video as I want to use my small tablet with this.

In the mean time. Can you tell me how do I bind a new receiver.
Where can I buy another receiver.
Can I buy one with the short antenna.