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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #84

I am pretty convinced now that this receiver is not outputting SBUS or PPM or outputting such a low signal
I checked the cable…all good.
I connected a different SBUS receiver to the flight controller…all good.
I opened the case and checked for bad solder joint…all good.
I triple checked the config and its set to SBUS…so this seems correct.

I know the pwm output is working because I can put a server on it and it works fine…HELP

Something isn’t working right.

(Tom-fly) #85

Ricky, are you sure it isnt inverted sbus? that would be trick if fc isnt capable to handle different kind of forms of sbus.


(caoxueyu) #86

Can you give me some pictures of wiring? I think you might be wrong.

(RickyG) #87

It’s a pixracer which I believe isn’t inverted SBUS. Not sure if the receiver outputs in inverted.

(RickyG) #88

I know that the FC works and the connections to the FC are correct. I connected a different SB receiver to it and it works fine. But not with the Skydroid. I suspect there is something odd about the setup but I don’t know what it is at this point.

(caoxueyu) #89

Is telemetry good? Is the green LED of the receiver bright?

(RickyG) #90

Telemetry works great. I see the information coming back into the tower app with no problem.
The green light is bright and solid.
But mission planner shows no RC data, I can’t calibrate the RC.
However if I swap in another receiver I have that outputs SBUS, and using the same connector, it works fine. I see the RC information in mission planner and I can calibrate it with no problem.

So either I am missing a step when setting up the unit or the unit isn’t working. Not sure

(caoxueyu) #91

Don’t worry. Let me see what happened.

(RickyG) #92

I am not worried.
I am liking this so far, just I know something is off. We will sort it out.

(caoxueyu) #94

You can use the device helper to turn the receiver into the PPM output mode. See if it works well. We tested pixhawk’s SBUs and worked well. Not sure if pixracer will need to match anything.

(RickyG) #95

I tried ppm as well and no go.
Is the receiver using inverted SBUS out, If so thats not compatible. But that would mean ppm works and it doesn’t.
IS there a pc based app that allows direct access to the receiver.

(caoxueyu) #96

SBUs comply with Futaba protocol. There is no inversion. All situations can be explained unless the receiver’s SBUs has no output.
I will give you some discussion results tomorrow.

(RickyG) #97

Sure thing.
We will work it out. Then once its working I will put together another video to help others.
I want this to be successful for folks. So far what I have seen I like.

(RickyG) #98

Did the Mode 2 mod this afternoon.
It was pretty easy to do

(cala2) #99

Nice, looks easy to repair too, very simple inside.

(caoxueyu) #100

If your throttle does not rebound, you can remove the soft rubber. Soft rubber is designed for plants to spray UAVs.

(caoxueyu) #101

Just like this

(caoxueyu) #102

M12 was first designed and used on sprinkler UAVs.

(caoxueyu) #103

(RickyG) #104

I am going to use it for this machine.
But we need to sort out this SBUS problem