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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(cala2) #1169

Sorry I dont live in USA, try to send a pm to Cao and ask shipping cost if you buy by paypal, We have very cheap shipping cost here, I recive the rx freeshipping, perhaps goverments agreements?, Its more expensive to Us to buy in USA than China but not sense.

(MartinKeilloh) #1170

I no I asked all ready any one no were I can get stronger springs for the M12 gimbal’s please

(cala2) #1171

You can adjust them, there is a bolt inside that you can move until you feel comfortable, Im going to search my photos shared here

(cala2) #1172

Looks at post 938 in jan 24.
Perhaps we can add to instructions @rickyg32 ?

(rollys) #1173

I think I had posted earlier asking @SKYDROID if he can check with his vendor. I attempted to use an O-ring to see if I can achieve the same result but there just isn’t much room in there to work with. Even just attempting to remove the spring without removing the gimbal assembly seemed quite challenging. If you or anyone else is able to source a heavier duty one, put me down for a pair. Maxing out the screw to pull the spring at its highest tension didn’t do much for how I prefer the stick tension to be.

Good luck.

(Greg Covey) #1174

Hi all,

Skydroid has a nice 7% off sale here.


(MartinKeilloh) #1175

thank you for that Greg

(rollys) #1176

Yeah, but did you see the US shipping cost?

(Greg Covey) #1177

I did not. What is going on there?!?! :open_mouth:

When I bought my Skydroid M12L, it was $199.99 with free shipping. I also added a spare receiver for $39 with free shipping.

Now, the shipping is US $77.82 to United States via EMS. No other option is available.

(cala2) #1178

Something bad with shipping cost, it looks an issue, PM Cao if you are interested in something, I chequed rx that recently recive and shows me an incorrect shipping cost. :open_mouth:

(cala2) #1179

@SKYDROID , can you check Aliexpress if it correct the shipping cost that show to Us?

(王大锤) #1181

Hello, I’ve already used this “skydriod” transmitter. As a friend of the manufacturer, in other words, the tester. My career is related to wireless communications, 100mw is trustworthy, and so is this video. You can use a professional instrument test. Wish you use it to break through your original view and share it with your friends and friends.:微笑:

(Callan Daniel) #1182

Hi Marty
Could you confirm that it’s possible to stream telemetry (MAVLink) from the Crossfire Tx to Mission Planner/Ground control app via USB. I am able to get the Bluetooth Bridge working, but we are running quite a strong 2.4GHz datalink in the same ground control unit which tends to kill the bluetooth link. Are you aware if this is supported? If so, have you ever used this feature? I can’t find anything about MAVLink over USB in the TBS documentation.
Your advice is much appreciated.

(MartinKeilloh) #1183

Hi Daniel,ive never tried to do it with the USB allways just done it with bluetooth and now im just using the Skydroid so dont really use the crossfire at the moment,sorry cant be of more help

(MartinKeilloh) #1184

Hi Cala any news of the new Radio/camera please,many thanks

(cala2) #1185

No, I not, perhaps Ricky?

(MartinKeilloh) #1186

Sorry Ale it was Cao I ment but still love you lol

(RickyG) #1187

I sent a message to Cao. Lets see what he has to say.


(MartinKeilloh) #1188

Thank you Ricky hope you and your wife are well and weather is playing ball with you

(cala2) #1189
The FPV app was update guys :slight_smile: