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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #1129

I don’t get that Cao. it has a shorter range which implies it has video support. Like you told me the range with the hardware that supports video is 5 to 10 k…so what makes this special

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(caoxueyu) #1130

m12 in 2017. 3-5km
m12pro in 2018 5-10km
m12L in 2019 30-60km

T12 in 2019 with digital video telemetry controler. 640*360 10-20km

t10 in 2019 with digital video telemetry controller
1208*720p. 5-10km

and so on…we only provide m12L and t10 abroad.
Because we they are easy to use and worth to buy.

(caoxueyu) #1131

(caoxueyu) #1132

T10 on the way. just wait for a while

(Romeo E) #1133

We are waiting for this!

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(John Longland) #1134

Good day Skydroid
I went to your website to see if you have an agent in South Africa. I am looking for a video link system for my drones ( I am starting my own drone company ) and would like to obtain a unit to test. Also , if I am happy and want to purchase multiple units, where can I buy more units then ?
Hoping to hear from you soon. regards. John

(RickyG) #1135

Thanks Cao that makes sense now.


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(Anthony) #1136

Is this blog turning into a marketing channel now?

(Matthew ) #1137

No it is not, it is turning into a one stop shop for help with this guys products, if ya don’t like it just quit reading!!! @SKYDROID Keep up the good work, really like my controller just wish it wasn’t such harsh weather out so I could fly it more often.
@rickyg32 Thank you for compiling all this info to one spot, and keeping up with updates!!

(Anthony) #1138

Please read the headline of this blog:

“Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested”.

I’m reading this blog to see an independent confirmation of this statement. Until now, nothing…

When I see Skydroid posting pictures of their new products and mentioning “we only provide m12L and t10 abroad. Because we they are easy to use and worth to buy”, I think that is marketing.

No problem people helping people with solving problems.

Not correct when manufacturers use this channel for selling.

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(Matthew ) #1139

So the title says something different than what people in the field are getting, so what, does that invalidate the manufactures results, no they just tested under different circumstances! 99% of companies stated specs are usually not achievable or are tested at the most ideal conditions. take flight endurance for example. Will a system tested at sea level have the same flight endurance as one tested at 3000m msl, doubtful due to many things such as density altitude. I have yet to find a UAS that actually gets the manufactures specs. due to so many variables at play and some that are out of the control of the user. As you have probably read no one has gotten it that far, I believe the furthest someone has taken it is 17km! Not sure what else you are looking for, for verification? Also like most manufactures, it seems as though they post their very very best specs in the most ideal conditions, which is usually not the case for most individuals. Look at the herelink they post in specs that it is good for 20km, yet I have read and seen it drop out at 500m. Again is the 20km wrong? No, but is it reality no! Many folks cannot test a UAS (unmanned aerial system) to 60km without breaking a law, and like you I’d like to stay within the law as to not be the 1% that ruins it for the rest of us. Skydroid sent out quite a few free units to individuals to test but some of those individuals live in areas with regulations that prohibit this type of flight without special permission from the governing authority, and some of those individuals live in areas where the climate is not conducive to testing at the moment.If you’d like to verify for yourself here is the link for you to purchase one yourself, let us know your opinion.

(cala2) #1140

Some users ask about new products differences an Skydroid only responds.

(MartinKeilloh) #1141

Verloop,as said if you dont like it dont come here,from day one Skydroid has been on here,he reads the posts and takes notice,and updates were needed and keeps us informed,which other manufacturer actually listens and takes positive action.
Cao we need you and dont take any notice of Verloop

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(Anthony) #1142

Let me post my earlier post 1 more time:

Nearly a 1000 posts and still no sign of an independent 60km test.

The reason I’m asking for this is because we are seriously interested in this system if it really performs up to its claim. Even 40 to 50 km would already be a reason to implement this system in our UAV’s.

We are doing mapping missions and pipeline inspections here in Thailand and our missions are in the range of 20 to 40km. Now I’m not talking about that range in highly populated areas because I know that’s impossible. But I’m also not looking at flying over sea with absolutely no obstacles.

It would be nice to see anyone confirming a reasonable range in reasonable realistic circumstances.

It seems this is a blog of about 10 people, playing with this system and having fun with it. No problem at all. I object to to the way this blog has developed into a marketing channel for Skydroid and their products.

If you find my posts offensive or not appropriate in any way, please feel free to report to the moderators. I personally don’t feel it is appropriate to tell me what to read and reply to and what not.

You can rest assured that I will report your remark.

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(ppoirier) #1143

As a moderator, I changed the topic for Hardware-Radio, I guess people here dont really mind if it is reassigned in this category.

Thats is exactly the case here, and this is the essence of our community, so I just hope you will enjoy it too :wink:

(Anthony) #1144

Yes, agree. As mentioned, “no problem at all”. Since the 60km is now out of the way, this blog is of no interest to me anymore.

(caoxueyu) #1145

Flying is not as easy to find friends as fishing and football. I can communicate with people from all over the world and make friends. I am not a salesman. The company didn’t ask me to do that. And I almost give it away for free. But there were too many deliveries, and then I opened PayPal and ali. Then everyone began to complain about my behavior. I feel very confused.

(MartinKeilloh) #1146

I dont complain about you Cao,you are A gentleman,you help every one on here please stay as our friend and I will deffinately be having A T10 keep up the good work we all love you

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(RickyG) #1147

Cao. Don’t worry if people complain, it’s human nature to moan about something. You have been very helpful and supportive of the community and its very much appreciated. I don’t think people understand your not a sales rep and your communication is done via a translation app.
You have friends here.,.so it’s all good.

(Theo) #1148

Joined the forums just to say a big thank you to you, @SKYDROID and to the other good people who are testing this new system. I’ve been using a DX9 for a while now and I am so excited to finally see a great alternative to control Pixhawk and Ardupilot systems in an integrated package! Keep it up!

as for @Verloop, up yours, buddy, hope you step on a LEGO. Somebody is reaching out to improve their product and offer support despite language troubles, on their own good will and you just decide to be the sjw nobody needs.