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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

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Sorry about that…I saw “updater” and went with it. I’m at work and most of these links are locked out…including Dropbox. I think you want the .rar file from Ricky’s Dropbox. When you open up the .rar, the PC software is in a folder.

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I was able to download the ZIP file from Cao’s post directly from here. After you unZIP the file, run the file in the folder called SkyDroidUpdater.exe. It is the newer version so I suspect that you simply missed the pull-down menu at the top to select “English” for the language setting.


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Tony I think your after this version.
Sorry didn’t realize I had posted the older version

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Thank you Greg, Ricky I will try again later. Another important issue about how to setup a channel for RTL (panic button). Let say Channel 7/8 for RTL like in Copter. Anybody can do it with ArduPlane?? (Actually mt plane is a Vtol) that needs at least 4 Flight modes including RTL. I saw in copter this function exist, but why not in Plane ?

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There were reasons that my initial testing with the Skydroid system was with Arducopter and not one of my many VTOLs. A VTOL is like flying two vehicles together and losing the 6 flight modes is not a good fit. The Skydroid system is really designed for an autonomous drone so my choice was to initially test it with my Tarot 680 Pro hexacopter and GoPro gimbal. The extra modes like RTL can easily be assigned to a spare button or switch. So far, it seems like a great fit!


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Perhaps is not bad idea if M12L allow Ús more modes, I miss them too, specially for vtol that Im building for this system.

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This is doable in PX4 stack.

Good luck.

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Hi Rollys Thank you for your info about the Px4 stack firmware. I have some basic questions regarding the Px4 stack. Maybe somebody may share here (just basic info.).
1). What is the key differences between these two firmware? (Ardupilot Vs.Px4 or Px4 pro???)
2). What is the key reason we use Px4 stack instead of Ardupilot??
3. Which one is more superior in term of reliability and Stability especially for Vtol???
Thank you.

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I got a chuckle out of your questions, not because they were bad, but because there are not simple easy answers and the topic is not part of our thread subject. Do some searches and you’ll find your answer. The fact that you are on an Ardupilot forum may be a good start. Here are some threads from a few years ago.

PX4 vs ArduPilot - when to choose what
Should I use PX4 flight control stack or the APM 3.3 for Pixhawk?

Rollys is our resident PX4 expert and often shares his experiences. Without him, I would know much less about the PX4 stack and implementation. Perhaps he has some links to share.


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I don’t mean to clutter this forum and if further discussion needs to take place, we’ll need to move it somewhere else. Links from @GregCovey should suffice. I was a newbie hobbyist with interest on VTOLs and didn’t want to learn a “new language”. The integration of slide bars in QGC for tuning was so simple for me, i.e. if it does this, slide it to the left; if it does that, slide it to the right. Consequently, the time between bench and stable flight was accomplished in one to three flights.

As it turns out now, switching my RVJet VTOL from Taranis to the M12L is much less of an issue since I can assign the push button switches to flight mode channel assignments. That eliminates my need to mix two switches with a single channel for flight modes. The mental transition for the simple mind like mine will not be as traumatic, ergo the cheat sheet right in mobile device stand gap.

Good luck.

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I spent some more time with my Skydroid setup on the Tarot 680 Pro and decided that we really don’t need more flight modes via the switch because they are all readily available via the apps like QGC or MP. I haven’t used Tower. So it is important to have some basic flight modes set up via the switch for emergency loitering or RTL but it seems the paradigm shift is in simply using the GCS app. Less R/C, more autonomous.

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Someone has been converted. lol

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A case for M12L Rx for my new vtol build :slight_smile:

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I can’t use pink for 3D printed items because the grandkids will take them. :slight_smile:

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We have a new Skydroid system available…or maybe just a new name and price. The Skydroid M12Pro.

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I will check with Cao what this is. I had not heard of it. My last conversation with him was about the T10 which comes out in April. It has built in video. The description of this unit sounds exactly the same as the M12L so not sure what this is all about. Even the pin out on the receiver is the same, there is no video function.
So not sure what this is all about.

@SKYDROID Cao whats the scoop on this unit

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It will be interesting to see the video implementation on the M12Pro unit. Will a USB cable still connect to the tablet or will it be another wireless link like the telemetry?

I really like the current UVC receivers because I can use them in parallel with all my existing 5.8GHz analog video equipment and displays. Although it is not a real world situation, we have used many different 5.8GHz. ground receivers for demos in the past so everyone is not huddled around one display. I would often have a separate video display off to the side and just use my tablet for QGC. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when flying a VTOL unless it’s an autonomous mission. I consider copters much more relaxing to fly. Still waiting for Spring to arrive in NY. :cold_face:

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Hi every one,sorry for not being about not that I imput two much,will be a few weeks untill back too full speed ahead,some one mentioned stronger spring’s were they able to source any.Im building a 600 mm wing and the M12 receiver just about fits ye he,and finally cant wait for the new video radio to come out,Greg and Cala many plank questions to come,and all the best to all the M12 pilottes

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Hi Cao,
Is it the only difference between the pro and the L version ?