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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Greg Covey) #1009

It worked, thank you!

Can you tell that I am not a DJI guy? I have an S900 with an A2 but on a Taranis. :slight_smile:

(RickyG) #1010

Glad it worked for you.
Enjoy. Need anything let me know

(cala2) #1011

Welcome Greg to the M12L users club, glad to have you in this group, looks nice radio for a vtol :slight_smile:

(caoxueyu) #1012

C-Bus is a set of UAV communication protocol named by us. It’s not the cbus in Wikipedia. It’s the communication protocol between receiver and flight control. Traditionally, SBUs + serial port requires two interfaces. Cbus integrates SBUs into serial port. At present, m12L does not support cbus and pix does not support cbus. So this is an option from the future.

(caoxueyu) #1013

We don’t know how far we can fly. Our test data are 30-60 km, or even farther… So the manual gives conservative values, in fact, the limit distance can not be given. The farthest we can actually test is 60 km.

(MartinKeilloh) #1014

Thank you for that info Cao,hopefully ardupilot will implement this for us soon,and you release your 780 video set up to us oversea’s flyer’s and finally hope you had a good C N Y

(Greg Covey) #1015


Thanks! I had been looking at your English version of the manual before my post and did not find how to power up the M12L. So here are a few suggestions for the manual from a new user.

  1. Add how to power up in either the Introduction or Getting Started sections. Maybe even use the term “DJI-style” unless Cao cringes.
  2. Replace the images in the “Firmware Update” section with the English versions like below.

It looks like Cao already updated my M12…thank you!




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(MartinKeilloh) #1016

hello Gentlemen and Ladies,ive got a couple of thing’s just been out on my tablet I get the map and location when in my flat but when I go to a flying location nothing just started doing this,now the good news and O wow it is ausume just done a lot of smart RTL’s I was blowen away you all need to try it

(RickyG) #1017

Thanks Greg.
I realize now I shared the link to the older version of the Manual.
Here is the updated one.

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(Greg Covey) #1018

Ahhh, that’s better…thanks, Ricky! :slight_smile:


Yeah, the Smart RTL mode is very cool when you fly in confined areas.

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(Greg Covey) #1019


I’m struggling with finding the “Device Helper” or “Device Assistant” app. I don’t see it in your dropbox and when visiting the site download section, from the manual, I don’t see it there either.

(RickyG) #1020

This is the app your after.

On the FUAV.XIN website you would find it here

(Greg Covey) #1021


Perfect, thank you!

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(RickyG) #1022

Have a super Sunday Greg

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(Greg Covey) #1023

Binding the R12 receiver was very easy. My surprises (good ones) so far are that the M12L is smaller and lighter than I expected. The sticks and switches are in perfect position for my fingers. My biggest surprise is how well my 8" Galaxy Tab A tablet balances on the M12L. You can hardly feel it is there! The same tablet makes my Taranis quite top heavy, due to the 3D printed mount.

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(RickyG) #1024

I have the same mount. Had to use a neck strap as I always felt the thing was going to do a back flip.

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(MartinKeilloh) #1025

Hi Greg,ive just bought a Strix nano goblin wing im looking forward to getting it flying but I think the M12L receiver is to big for it so will need to use my taranis damm as really love M12l

(cala2) #1026

I bought more rx Im waiting and one is for my little racer, I hope removing the case and non used pins I can reduce it size and can use with M12L, more compact equipment, no restricted flying distance, telem in the same board.

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(MartinKeilloh) #1027

i really want to do this as it makes sense its not the weight its its size keep me up to date Ale how it goes

(cala2) #1028

Ok, I not recive yet for Chinnese new year but when I have, I share, yes I have space problem there too but Im going to try to install, many advantages than standard radio.

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