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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #427

Yes my Fatsharks are a little old, that said not everything is HD. While we can get cameras that are HD, the cost of transmitting HD needs to drop. Also the equipment being discussed here currently doesn’t have video out in any sort. The UVC receivers Skydroid sell have Video out so you can port to goggles easy enough. But I am talking about the fully integrated system. It needs to have HDI out to handle the newer goggles.

Something to consider is this unit.
IT has 5.8ghz diversity with UVC integration. So it could be used in conjunction with this system.
It also has video out so it could be bunged into a set of goggles and an HDMi up convert would allow for HDMI goggles. However it means having to power it externally somehow.

(cala2) #428

Decided that old APM isn´t a good choice to test because rx rssi show 23 with rx radio near. I pick a pixracer and stay late wiring it, at end I test connections too and rxrssi shows 45 in mission planner, something I missing? calibrate rssi value? telem shows 100. To late I try again tomorrow.

(cala2) #429

I use a Dragon v1 with a Hitec and fly FPV too, I like this unit as compact equipment like a Mavic, I usually use the Dragon on a separate tripod, try to put the short range rmodem where I can and lost signal half the way, I hope to reduce things to transport and assemble at field with this unit and have complete telemetry range .

(rollys) #430

Not quite diversity?

Per description:
" Notice:
*An antenna has been added to a single antenna receiver to provide more stable signals"

(RickyG) #431

Yes I saw that afterwards.

(rollys) #432

If all your testing pan out, I may just have to retrofit the VTOL Ranger EX and RVJet.

(RickyG) #433

I got the answers back on the questions

Any news on the release of the HD system.
No news on this as yet.

Are the two antenna on the hand held unit both 2.4 ghz.
Both antenna are 2.4ghz. thats not a surprise but now it’s confirmed.

Is there any possibility that the new hand held will have HDMI out.
No plans at this time for HDMI or AV out.

Is there new firmware for the hand held unit coming anytime soon.
No new firmware as no bugs have been identified

Is there any way to configure 6 flight modes on the hand held with.
You can only set the 6 flight modes via the groundstation app.

Is there a way to use Trim with M12L,.
No trim function at this time.

(MartinKeilloh) #434

I like the no nonsence replies thats very very good

(Romeo E) #435

Just got mine delivered! If the weather allows I’ll give it a test run over the weekend.

(RickyG) #436

Nice to see the throttle mod is done. This is good.
Comes with the rubber boots removed…This is good.
I assume the stick collars are already mounted as I dont’ see them in the box. This is good.
Receiver has the small antenna installed. This is good.

Pleased to see that our feedback was taken on board.

I have one of the very first units. So I had to mod the controller…I don’t recommend it to anyone.
Also had to mod the receiver glad no one needs to do that either.

Romeo. We are building a manual. Here is a link to it. It’s a collection of everything Skydroid has provided and what we have learned.

(Romeo E) #437

Thanks for the manual, got it already :slight_smile:
About the mods, I was asked what version I prefer before they sent it.
It looks very promising so far, let’s see how it does in real life not on the bench.

(Tom-fly) #438

it works fine i guess. major functionaly is in groundstation, phone or computer…

(Romeo E) #439

Right, telemetry connection is what got me interested into this system.
What I like so far:

  • sticks are smooth - important when you take manual control of the drone
  • sticks centering is perfect
  • usb/bt are not exclusive - that is, if I connect the pc by usb cable, I still have the bt for tranmitter settings/adustments
  • it charges while turned on
  • rx binding procedure - no more jugglin around to keep the button pressed while you power on the rx, this should be taken over by more manufacturers
  • phone holder seems very sturdy

What I would add or change:

  • neck strap - for longer flights it is a must at least for me
  • button / channel mixing - it would be perfect if you could assign more than one button/switch to toggle a channel - although SkyDroid’s implementation is interesting, I would love to have buttons ABCD be able to change one channel for flight modes

(caoxueyu) #440

Used to use apps such as Tower to switch flight mode. Skydroid prefers UAV links to models.

(RickyG) #441

I think what has to happen is the community needs to make a mind shift. Move from the idea of a conventional RC systems with trim and multi switches and move to the GUI driven flying. Which if you think about it is a far more professional approach to UAV operations.

I think that is a change that will come with unit usage.

(caoxueyu) #442
  1. We will translate the ground station as soon as possible, including the flight mode and the name of app.

  2. I will update a M12L firmware to fix a bug that may cause overheating.

  3. Trim is not allowed in the flight with the participation of gps. This link is designed for the flight mode with the participation of gps. If the manual flight needs to adjust the aircraft, but I think it will hardly be used in UAV, such as dji.

  4. The gimbal can be tightened with wrenches in the package.

  5. I’ve been waiting for someone to do a distance test. Because a lot of people are paying attention to this.

  6. We have three analog video receivers.

The single antenna of the UVC 5.8G OTG receiver and the dual antenna of the UVC 5.8G OTG receiver support only Android devices, both of which are 5.8G antennas. FUAV Mini FPV box supports Android and Apple, a 5.8G antenna and a 2.4G WiFi antenna, and WiFi connection to app. There are some errors on the Express. I will make a correction next week. But all three can receive images at different prices.

  1. I will take time to shoot some videos. The next 2-3 weeks. Keep an eye on me and my YouTube

(cala2) #443

I instaled with an old APM Skywalker and them with a new pixracer, telem rssi both shows 100% with the unit near but rxrssi shows 23 in APM and 45 in pixracer, I know APM needs an urgent update but pixracer Im hope Im doing something wrong ? Or the valid value is telem rssi to take in account?
I apreciate simple compact unit, I fly gps modes and no need trims for that ships, this unit allows Us to have a diy similar Dji dron.

(caoxueyu) #444

M12L and R12L (957.9 KB)
Please upgrade your receivers and transmitters Online

(Anthony) #445

Exactly that is the question. In one of my first replies, I also wanted to see the proof of that. I think this blog is running way out of the original direction.

Anyone flown 60 km with this system??? I don’t think so and I think it will never happen…

(ppoirier) #446

Well maybe the demonstration fly was made under exceptional circumstances - over sea with a low rf noise environment and with no BLOS flight restriction.
Nevertheless, what I see here now is a group of enthusiasms that have a positive and constructive project sharing with the dedicated support of the designer/manufacturer and this is what I consider as being a much more interesting result :slight_smile: