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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Tom-fly) #407

or Karpalo! :smiley: Early of next year I have fixed wing fpv platform, with that it is much easier to do long ranges without suck a risk compared with quad/hexa. If some1 breaks 20km it is big cheer!

(MartinKeilloh) #408

I wont be going 17km but will be going a fair distance cant wait to get the system

(Tom-fly) #409

in practise 5km or 17km is just matter of minutes, but you know that aircraft have a value, and that creates problem :slight_smile:

(RickyG) #410

Tom if you go the 60km…please record it record it record it.
In fact if you have any long range tests, recording it and posting it would be great

(Tom-fly) #411

I have pixhawk 4 blackbox recording all the time, but I think with current setup 60km is out of range. It’d take almost 30-40 minutes flying, and back. In practice impossible…

(rollys) #412

At what altitude AGL?

(Tom-fly) #413

150m, it is under safe zone…

(MartinKeilloh) #414

Yea Tom and Rick I get 17 mins flying with my we 7 onch quad on a 6250 li on batt and thats a bit of reserve in it

(Tom-fly) #415

quads just can’t do it. Fixed would make a difference…

(RickyG) #416

This is my next major project, just on a slightly smaller scale.
At least thats my hope.

(Tom-fly) #417

wow! vtol and 3-4m ? Not bad, there is flying time measured in hours… 4 maby?

(RickyG) #418

Yeah I am working on drawings right now. My wife and I are moving house next year so this may get put on teh back burner. Plus I have my SAR drone to finalize as well.

(Tom-fly) #419

have you looked at ? they have pretty good answers for long range systems…

(RickyG) #420

yes very familiar with them
I like to design and build so it’s way I never bought a bird from them.

(Tom-fly) #421

I like about vtol Nimbus design from them, it keeps developing all the time, and size of it isn’t pretty large. Also Nimbus without vtol-features is just great as well

(cala2) #422

Congrats Tom for your results, I saw that quads has more interferences than fixed wings so with that distance on a quad we have lot of fun :smiley: , Im waiting less wind to take of with an airplane and have a crazy idea to push the unit to limit without risk.

(Tom-fly) #423

Yeah, Quads are great while props have rotation and power, after that flying characteristics are comparable with falling stone;D

(cala2) #424

I have a friend that fly real gliders, I speak with him to carry a unit connected to a pix and a servo and check response and read rssi, I stay far from Him and check with the radio and mission planner, I need suggestions to show skydroid and community that my results are thrue

(Tom-fly) #425

how to actually show results are true ? it is pretty mission impossible. It is very easy just to fly unit far away from you and notice the distance. But in practise how to demostrate it in videos ? What about if there is stronger signal currently blocking the tests, 100mw is very weak signal so you have to have LOS all the time.

(swallabat) #426

Everything works in Hi Def now, so yours and mine fatsharks are a bit of an anachonism, but there is a hell of a lot of 5.8 GHz goggles out there, so I guess the across the board answer is a tiny dongle that fits onto the HDMI port and generates a low power 5.8 GHZ 4.3 or variable formatted signal. However if they simply supply 3.7v and composite video via a 3.5mm plug a DIY 10$ solution becomes easy and possible for those of us with fatsharks and nice and neat for those with a 3d printer…