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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(MartinKeilloh) #387

good range of questions there Rick and hello Tom ive been ignoring you sorry

(RickyG) #388

I auto trim as well. Seems to work well, assuming the copter is close physically balanced.

(Tom-fly) #389

Hello Marty! No problems, we are in the same boat ;D

(cala2) #390

Perhaps I use little times stabilize and generally with wind.

(RickyG) #391

Ok questions sent to Skydroid.


(ppoirier) #392

Hello Ricky, just a simple question (dont want to go through the 385 posts…) has anyone in this group has demonstrated the 60 km range so far ?

(MartinKeilloh) #393

thank you my belated Scotish brother by 1/2 @ Ricky

(Tom-fly) #394

No! I have possibility to demostrate that early next year. I think that 60km is not problem if LOS can be achieved. M12L creates multiply corrections to checks every packet, and it makes latency little bit slow, but in range issue it helps a lot! So 60km should be achieved. I will have Nimbus Pro or original Nimbus to use for that test in january. With quad 10-20km makes no problem. Currently I have quad with 16000mah battery but it would be very risky to test is over 30km range! :frowning:

(MartinKeilloh) #395

Tom the very best with that im sure it will do it no problem and thanks for testing

(Tom-fly) #396

Yes, no problem. I have also ultimate LRS testing period under work, so this M12L creates no problems :slight_smile:
I love the way of working of M12L, it is just so complete system, everything just works without problems. Of course you have to have groundstation complete to do that…

(RickyG) #397

Tom Fly will be testing that.
I am not a long range guy so I have never had interest in that aspect of the units abilities. I was more interested in the graphical interface and consolidation of video and the GUI much like the DJI Go App.

Tom will be testing and will post the results of his experimentation. Should be interesting.

(Tom-fly) #398

In january here the lakes will be frozen as well ,so it creates no risks to test long range. In brief, all the telemetry and controlls goes via M12L offered link. It is just so easy and robust! If you have good quality groundstation you’ll love simplicity of that concept. No more problems with separate telemetry radios etc. :smiley:

(Tom-fly) #399

currently longest range is under 20km, I just have no courage to fly quad longer, battery issue is the number one! I have LTE/4G tracker in quad but still flying further makes more risks I can afford

(RickyG) #400

Tom what distance would you say your travelling. you say under 20km but what do you believe it is. Is it 19.5k which in itself is outstanding and still under 20k or is it 2 k.

Just curious.

(Tom-fly) #401

17km is the range I have tested, battery was 80% full but It is safer to come back. RSSI was 89% and packet lost was ok. But I used omniradiation antennas, direction antennas would work much better.

(RickyG) #402

17KM out is outstanding and well beyond anything achieved with a Taranis that isn’t using a UHF system or booster.

(Tom-fly) #403

yes, for 100mw system it is very good! I haven’t measured actual power of R12, if that is something else than 100mw…

(RickyG) #404

So far Tom has tested out to 17 KM…WOW

(MartinKeilloh) #405

Absolutely amazing Tom well done you that deserves A well earned whiskey on the house

(RickyG) #406

I think where Tom is it’s more like Mesimarja or Lakka isn’t it Tom.