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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(MartinKeilloh) #367

ive got plenty of tinkering to do with lidar and like you i would like to try blended but really need a bigger rig my 7 inch is just about full of gadgets lol

(Marc Dornan) #368

I guess I have to ask this: Is there a compelling reason to use this instead of a Taranis with Dragonlink? I like the form factor of this SkyDroid. The integrated unit is definitely a plus for anyone that is a systems integrator – I have seen many such folk simply give up with Dragonlink. But if any of the current users would like to compare and contrast it with current systems. As an FPV hobbyist, I would have a hard time walking away from OpenTX.

But if I were looking for a professional solution to integrate this looks appealing.

(RickyG) #369

Hey Marc.
You pose a great question. I can’ only tell you what I think and feel about using the system. I am a Taranis OpenTX user and love my Taranis. I am also an Avid FPVer, but after getting a Mavic I was hooked on the combination of a controller and the graphical interface. Something I just could not easily create affectingly with the taranis. I have a mount for my tablet on my Taranis and the telemetry receiver, but it all starts to become heavy and awkward… I looked at other ways of making it lighter and easier to use.
I never got a satisfying result.

This got me what I wanted. It’s not something for racing, or aerobatics, but search and rescue, photography, mapping and Auto Mission type functions are easier this way,.

Thats my thinking for what it’s worth.

(RickyG) #370

Was thinking about the newer device Skydroid is designing with the integrated Android OS and display. I beleive it will have HD video on screen as well.
I also was thinking about the UVC devices for video on your phone or tablet via the USB. All these devices need an HDMI output.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to run goggles off off of the system similar to what DJI has.

For instance I would love a pair of these

Of even to provide video to my fatsharks.

This UVC unit has a video and audio out

So you could plug this into the tablet or phone and at the same time tap the video signal off and run if through one of these

to up convert to HDMI…These are all work arounds. The video enabled hand held unit needs HDMI out.

Skydroid…something to consider.

(MartinKeilloh) #371

jesus i need to trade my liver and kidneys to Skydroid so much fun to be had with all this stuff and lets hope we can bring it forward so lots of flyers can have fun and enjoyment

(RickyG) #372

Keep your kidneys and you can’t drink with out a liver.

(Tom-fly) #373

One interesting issue, how might pagoda style antenna work with R12 ? Radiation pattern would be different to original antennas. …

(Tom-fly) #374

whoh! you have made good selections! :smiley: What about 4G for control, telemetry and picture. Little bit unstable in middle of nowhere … like this one

(RickyG) #375

With the Skydroid system you get a patch antenna. I think you have some flexibility with antennas. But it would be nice to to understand better how the two antennas are employed. For instance the UVC receiver has two antennas. However if you read the documentation one antenna is 2.4 ghz and the other 5.8. So how are these antenna used. Are they both 2.4 in which case you potentially could use a combo of antenna type. That said, I don’t know for sure.

Perhaps we should assemble a list of questions for Skydroid. I would gladly consolidate them and share them.

(Tom-fly) #376

No, I meant antennas in aircraft, … that patch antenna is working fine. Radiation pattern of it is pretty easy to aim by hand :smiley: but antennas in aircraft would make total difference if used little bit different ones…

(RickyG) #377

I like the idea of 4g but I am not a long distance guy. I am interested in getting HD video back from the drone and get it on my tablet. But I want to do it with what ever cameras I currently have on board. I don’t want proprietary Cameras.

Something lightweight…
These UVC receivers are not diversity receivers which I think its a problem.

(RickyG) #378

ah I get ya.
Interesting question.

(Tom-fly) #379

yeah, maby trying one in practise doesn’t cost a lot. but otherwise, I haven’t feel range is problem with M12L, it just works in quad environment… but ultimate range (100km and more) makes a difference in that case.

(RickyG) #380

here are the question I have thought of for Skydroid

Firmware update.
There was talk about new firmware for the receiver and the method for flashing the system. Is there a date for it

Any news on the release of the HD system
Are the two antenna on the hand held unit both 2.4 ghz
Is there any possibility that the new hand held will have HDMI out.
Is there new firmware for the hand held unit coming anytime soon.
Is there any way to configure 6 flight modes on the hand held with.
Is there a way to use Trim with M12L

(Tom-fly) #381

I’d add how to use Trim with M12L to that list., it is just annoying to take quad down to tune trims. Of course that has to be done once after reinstalling everything… but still would be good feature…

(RickyG) #382

added to the list
Let me know if there is anything else, I will punt it to Skydroid tonight.

(Tom-fly) #383

no more issues with that, maby gimbals would be better quality, of course those can be changed. I have been flying with M12L for 30 hours now, and current gimbals feels little bit loose and not so exact,… but no problem with that…

(RickyG) #384

30 hours of airtime so far. Nice. We have not had the weather here. Rain then snow and high winds.
but this sunday it’s supposed to clear so out I go.

(cala2) #385

Quads trim: I never trim the quads, I put a bubble level on top and calibrate level and no problems, on airplane now exist the autotrim, I don’t try yet but other users report good results.

(Tom-fly) #386

I have had problems with trimming lately, in stabilize mode quad just keep sliding and I have to do corrections. In missions that of course isn’t a problem. I dont know if that is problem of FC. But trimming in transmitter would help a lot!