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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #347

I think the only option for multiple modes is via the ground station app itself. There is no mixing on this transmitter so not sure how you can do more then three.

(RickyG) #348

check this out

(cala2) #349

I try to buy that first but never arrives.

(cala2) #350

I have success conecting to an APM and Mission planner, It looks very easy to install and use, I did radio calibration well but then is like servos didn´t respond well so I choose default params in the APP and three options in chinesse appears (please SKYDROID if you can traslate for us?) I choose the first one to try and all looks to work well, I have to test if automatic modes respond well flying. I´m impressed to have an APM telem provided wire too apart from pixhawk one included.

(Tom-fly) #351

you can also use other software instead of Skydroid version. QGroundcontrol and MissionPlanner for Android works very well and bluetooth connection as well.

(RickyG) #352

I have tried both Mission Maker for Ardupilot and qGroundcontrol. Both work well with the 32 bit controllers. However I found the config functions gave me trouble with the older hardware. The flight function seemed to work just fine.

(swallabat) #353

Hello. I just read this thread, and one thing worried me.

In the “new improved version” of the handset there does not seem to be a separate camera tilt and pan joystick, which was a MAJOR draw for me. And don’t forget a training port, or another way that the camera operation and flying can be separated out between two operators. Professional users like that.
Bonus points would be awarded by me, if the user can use his existing handset via a lead for the camera controller/second operator.

One idea that doesn’t seem to have occurred to any manufacturer (I’m thinking of one of the main reasons I still haven’t bought into DJI) is to add a tiny 5.8Ghz transmitter module to the handset system when there is integrated video so people can use EITHER a phone or their 5.8Ghz goggles… (or both when taking a “passenger” for a “ride”) I’m well awre that this isnt; as simple as adding a little 5.8Ghz module there may also need to be some video reformatting for the different aspect ratios beteen hi-def’s “letterbox” format and the (genrally) 4.3 format goggles like to use.

Also I’d like to throw my hat into the ring as a tester, for one reason that many people overlook.

I’m one of those people that stuff often does not work for! REALLY. I’ve had a long careeer as a repairer & systems analyst because of this trait…

We believe it’s because I am ADD which tends to mean I almost never do things the same way twice, no matter how well it worked the first time. It works both for me, in that I tend to be able to “find a way” sometimes when others cannot to fix stuff, but poorly designed hardware gives me endless aggravation.

I’m unlikely to be able to talk as lyrically as some, and may not focus on the areas you’d like, but let me use the hardware for a while, and if there is a way of messing it up, I’ll find it! I also fly very often, (I’ve been training myself hard this year, at one point i was flying a minum two batteries each flyable day.) As it happens I have a fleet of 450 sized airframes available ready to go. (I built a lot of 450 size copters before I realised that flying skills had to be built up just as much as the hardware!) so I don’t envision much delay between unpacking and flying. (I have one airframe that has proven exceptionally reliable, whenever I have taken it for a flug, so I’d bung it in that, for testing for the first month or so, then if it works, I’d try it in the hex that I am currently building which should incorporate all the good bits I have learned over the last ten years of RC.

I started out with RC 45 years ago with a homebuilt transmitter utilising a tiny tube (or “valve” as we call them). Admittedly it didn’t work, (and I couldn’t afford the HT batteries, and lacked either an oscilloscope nor wavemeter, so as soon as I could I picked up a transistorised transmitter with the bang-bang steering) but really for me, RC totally changed about 10 years ago, and that’s when I reckon I really got “into” it properly.

I hope my comments are acceptable and found to be reasonable, for a newbie’s iorst post, and of course I don’t really expect my “offer to test” to be taken up, although I do honestly think you ought to get at least one “klutz” on your testing team…

(RickyG) #354

first welcome to the subject of the Skydroid M12L, for someone with ADD I thought your post was interesting and articulate.

A couple things come to mind.
Your right about the training port, would be interesting to have one. Mind you DJI doesn’t have them on their Mavic…but it would be useful.
For the Pan and tilt Joystick. There is one on the unit.
I am not aware of a change to the device that removes it.

As for the 5.8 Ghz, this unit doesn’t support HD video or video at all. People are looking at devices such as this for video intergration,searchweb201602_2_10065_10130_10068_10547_319_317_10548_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10139_10307_537_536_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=a11c7514-6c46-49ad-b6ea-b1562431d8c1-1&algo_pvid=a11c7514-6c46-49ad-b6ea-b1562431d8c1

However the newer version has HD video integration according to the vendor. I am with you that it would be nice to have video out from the unit such that it can be ported to goggles or a monitor. Even the stand alone unit should have the ability to port the signal to goggles. IT does have however the ability to share via wifi. I have one ordered and will try it once I get it.

As for testing I would suggest you reach out to Skydroid direct. He may or may not be able to assist.

either way, glad your here.
We also have a facebook page if your interested

(RickyG) #355

This version has video out.

(swallabat) #356

Thanks for the welcoming words. I don’t always hit the mark of “intersting and articulate”, so kind words indeed.

I looked at the pic of the forthcoming unit (I think, it’s a few posts up from this one) and I couldn’t see the joystick control, maybe I didn’t look closely enough… Just wouldn’t want them to drop it having finally someone added it! And someone else commented about how it really is time most top end tx’s had at least one multi way switch! APM and it’s derivatives are numerous enough and likely to stay for the forseeable future and a mode switch is darn good to have.

Like a growing number of people I don’t use facebook at all, so that particular option is closed to me.

I’m sure this thread will be followed regularly by Skydroid, & I’m equally sure he has plenty of volunteers already, so I’m content to leave my post here and give him a choice of reaching out to me or not, rather that asking directly, I’d imagine he’s pretty snowed under already,so it seems a little more polite to do it this way.

Both the video devices you’ve shown me convert 5.8 into wifi or otg/usb. I’m wanting something incorporated with these HD/long range video systems that supplies an alternative signal as well as the usually provided wifi hotspot on 5.8GHz, (and for completeness I’d like some CV out of the side on a 3.5mm jack for the wired goggle people)

(RickyG) #357

Ah didn’t realize you where referring to the upcoming unit. you right I don’t see the joystick button.
That would be a mistake I think to leave it out. It’s very handy on the current device.

Skydroid, please take note.


(cala2) #358

Welcome Swallabat :slight_smile: your suggestions are welcome more opinions better product to all :slight_smile: , I apreciate the two choices, with and without video because I use 5,8 and 1…2 for longer range, little 5,8 fit nice under the phone too.

(Tom-fly) #359

wellcome to family! Cheers! You mentioned trainer port etc features. Functionality of main unit M12L is the be link to groundstation, and m12l is as simple as possible but still offers possibilities for controlling. Simpliness offers many features like weatherproof etc. Groundstation (phone,pad, laptop etc…) offers more functionality like joysticks… fewer parts -> fewer possibilities for broken parts…

(Tom-fly) #360

one question, is it possibility to use trims with M12L ? I have been flying with quad and trimming major controls cant be done with M12L… maby couldnt find only… I had to do trims with Missionplanner, so you need to take quad down for it. Live trimming would be great! maby it already has it but Im blind.

(RickyG) #361

Hey Tom have you seen this Android app.

(Tom-fly) #362

rrrr, … suitable for co-pilot?

(RickyG) #363

no idea.
Just found it snooping the site.

I have updated the manual with useful links now.

(Tom-fly) #364

hmmm, how stable whole stack is, if there is laptop + phone + 2nd phone using virtual stick online…,:slightly_smiling_face:… phones using btooth, and laptop usb…

(MartinKeilloh) #365

hopefully i can get sorted with one of these contraptions soon or I will be playing catch up all the time its moving fairly fast at the moment
Ricky has your video mobile thingy arrived yet

(RickyG) #366

Sad to say no Marty.
We had a postal strike here and its pushed delivery back a few weeks for most things.
But while I wait I will get the test rig out this weekend and get it airborne…thats something at least.