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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Tom-fly) #265

yeah, cold weather and drones are not good combinations, fingers freeze, coffee gets cold, batteries will empty fast. No good. I haven’t done yet range tests in airborne. On the ground level in complex and noisy environment (electricity lines, cars etc) telemetry link stays stable several hundreds meters without problems. So in air that should be equal hundreds times more. But I have to do more tests to be sure where is the limit. Currently I let R12 and M12L just transfer data between each other to test are there any problems during long uptime.

(Tom-fly) #266

this test is interesting: R12 and antenna are inside aluminium folio, and R12 is about 100m from TX in separate building. Still linkspeed is equal located in the same room, without folio. hmm…

(RickyG) #267

Hey Tom sorry I don’t know what a Finish Folio is but I assume its a metal case or can of some sort.
If I get this right your telling us that the RX is in a metal box 100 meters from the receiver and your getting the same link speed that you got with it sitting beside you in the same room. Thats pretty good I should think lol

(caoxueyu) #268

This is a funny translator. In fact, there are some new products being developed to keep people interested in skydroid.

(RickyG) #269

Hey your welcome to let us know we are all interested.

(MartinKeilloh) #270

yes please let us no of what you are working on Caoxueyu

(caoxueyu) #271

Digital Video Link + Zoom Camera

(MartinKeilloh) #272

Wow looking really good and thank you for sharing

(RickyG) #273

Wow I am hooked. Gladly test out any of those for you lol

(cala2) #274

Wowww!!! this open the door to diy like dji compact equipment, congrats sky droid

(Saijin_Naib) #275

Mavlink compatible? Could be a nice option for the 3DR Solo…

(RickyG) #276

It’s mavlink based for its communication at least for telemetry.
Flies with Mission maker or qGroundcontrol Also SkyDroid has their own version of Tower.
But you need to use their receiver.

(RickyG) #277

So I mentioned earlier in these posts I was setting up my Skydroid receiver on my 500mm quad.
This morning before work I got it all connected.
so here is what I have observed.
As Tom_fly points up it gets warm.
Second my machine is APM 3.1 based and qGroundcontrol hates it. Crashes a lot.
Mission maker has no issues other then it won’t calibrate.

Conclusion: you need a more up to date 32bit flight controller to make this work. This isn’t a show stopper, just an inconvenience. So starting tomorrow I am going to strip my bird down and rebuild it with a Pixracer thats sitting in a box on my bench. So at this rate I am two weeks away from a maiden. Sorry guys was hoping to be airborne this weekend.

(MartinKeilloh) #278

Please keep us up to speed on how it go’s

(RickyG) #279

Will do sir.
Tonight I will take 30 minutes or so and start stripping the bird down. What a pain, but its been flying for years and would benefit from an upgrade.

(MartinKeilloh) #280

thank you kind Sir i will enjoy that

(cala2) #281

I´m upgrading mine with a Pixracer too, and my unit looks near to arrive now, You are not alone I have to hurry too lol, anxious to give a try, thank´s for all info shared, looks very usefull, I´m going to try to share my experiences too.

(RickyG) #282

Awesome Cala2. Please post anything you learn.
Also want to keep the manual updated so should you learn anything interesting please lets add it so everyone benefits.


(cala2) #283

Shure ricky, I get in contact to share my test and discovers :slight_smile:

(Tom-fly) #284

Yes, and channels 13-16 are reserving own capasity of transfer, even those channels has nothing to send/receive. But total transfer rate is 1,8kbps, which requires pretty lot of power from FC, and everything will heat a abit. I’m now moistureprotecting 2nd drone and I’ll use M12L with that. I am 100% sure M12L will work as good as in tests.