Loiter mode brake issue

Ardupilot copter version code: after braking in loiter mode, the aircraft will go a little further. Normally, when the aircraft attitude becomes flat, the aircraft should be stationary

Then tune the loiter to your liking.


LOIT_BRK_DELAY is probably what you want to adjust.

Delay is not the best method. When the braking attitude angle of DJI is zero, the aircraft will stop immediately. It’s not good to rely on delay

Had the same issue. Set LOIT_BRK_DELAY to 0.1, which fixes the problem.


Set LOIT_SPEED and LOIT_ANG_MAX to suit your requirements or leave at defaults

This will result in a longer braking distance

It’s useless. Do you have a video

We compared the same frame (DJI S900) with a DJI A3 side by side with a cube Orange.

After doing what @xfacta suggested the frame with the cube performed better than the Frame with the A3.

So please just tune the PID and set the break parameters like @xfacta said.

It will perform!

No, I can not share the video because it is of a customer.

I tried to optimize the following points. I can refer to the information I wrote. I think there are several points that can be improved。

Some position control parameters you may want to try to adjust: PSC_VEL_XY or PSC_POS_XY