Loiter low throttle results in copter dips at pitch -> roll left

After flying with my DIY Pixhawk Version 3.5.4 Hexacopter I want to understand why the copter dips at pitch axes as viewable in the following video from 2:45 to 3:45 in Logfile:

See Logfile Attached:

The Copter has the following Facts:

Pixhawk 3.4 Arducopter
DYS BLHeli ESC with disabled Damped Light at latest Version
Multistar 2212 920KV Motors
9335 Props
Zippy 5000mAh @3s 30C
Flysky FS-I6 10CH RX with PPM Encoder
Autotune was done on all axies

Thank you for your assistance in advance