Loiter is wacky on 3 copters after transport

LOITER WOBBLES: I have reassembled three hexacopters that had the arms loosened, put in golf club cases and transported to me. These are Vulcan rigs that are not meant to fold. (Metal arms) I do not know if there is internal wire damage or FC damage. One came from NY and two from Brazil. I can’t get LOITER to work on all 3. The problem is identical across the board. Rolled back to AC 3.6.9. Rolled back ESC firmware. Started from scratch… I’m at a loss. Here is one event video, but they are all the same. (xrays? bad airport handling? black hole? space force?)


PS: Copter 2 has an AUTOTUNE - Copter 6 is a fresh start from scratch.

Looks like a failed or miscalibrated magnetometer to me.

Where in the LOGS are you seeing this? And which Copter?

Sorry, I roll that back. Not a magneto…