Loiter acting up with Beta


Thanks for confirming that changing the MOT_PWM_TYPE had no effect.

Leaving the AHRS_ORIENT is ok. This is more just a note (for myself and other devs) that the vehicle has a rare setup which means that it is more likely that we have a software bug that nobody has noticed before.

Re testing EKF2, using the latest beta would be good. thanks!

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Can you also show the problem with log settings set as follows.


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I was told my FC will not let me use EK2 without a custom build I using the Kakute F7

  • EK2_ENABLE = 1
  • EK3_ENABLE = 0

Note I have this already in my prams using Stable. will check Beta 7 I see what I have next

Sent to Discord PM with new setting and disabled EKF3.

The new firmware: when switching to Loiter the shakes started immediately but after flying it a tad the shakes went away. I do see this from time to time when first taking off in Stabilize with new frames but fly for a bit and its gone but once and a blue moon but not in loiter like this.


Here is Copter-4.1.0-beta8 with EKF2 as default for Kakutef7. To make it fit I also needed to disable these features:

  • drift mode
  • flip mode
  • throw mode

I have not tested this binary at all because I don’t have a kakutef7 but hopefully it should work ok.

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Very cool Thank you!

Hi Randy, this build will not arm. Pre-Arm ARHS EKF2 Not Started, error.

Shawn made me a custom build last week that i sent you guys a link to the logs.



Probably because you didn’t enable EKF2. Look like this?

While my Kakute F7 just completed a 37 m/s Auto Mission with incredible stability. EKF3 of course.

Yea i did not touch the quad prams but I happy that your doing well.

I loaded Randy’s build on a bench Kakute F7 I have. Because there was no EKF2 on the version that was on your FC it will be disabled by default after flashing.

I will check it out…

You where right. Arming ok now.


here the build that Xfacta made 9 days ago Xfacta.apj (752.4 KB)

Logs where sent but lets see.

You can build this for yourself.
Custom build server

I saw that!

Regarding Randy’s build it has the shakes bad. fly’s fine in Stabilize, Regarding Shawn’s build I got the shakes for a second in Loiter then it smoothed out and it was flyable.

We know that older as noted above FM fly’s well without issues. AKA version arducopter.apj Tue Feb 23 00:37:36 2021 808206

Other than Randy’s being a beta8 version and Shawn’s a 4.2.0-dev (from the build server I suppose) those look identical.

I always keep my FC flat and never rotate the FC like it is currently add the fact that the compass is also rotated this could be the issue, this frame is intended to use Plane firmware FBWA and Qloiter. currently in Quad.

Noteworthy is the mRo PRP showed the same shakes in loiter only.