Loit tuning drifting stops

I’ve got my 2500g 13" quad flying nicely. Autotune was successful. I would like it to stop more quickly when the sticks are centered. From what I can tell, I need to increase LOIT_BRK_ACCEL. The problem is it seems to be maxed out at 250 already. Will values above 250 still do anything?

Page down to the last post from Leonard Hall in this thread for a comprehensive description of applicable parameters.

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And regarding the min/max values in the documentation, they are (usually) not hard-coded limits, just suggestions for reasonable values. You should be able to safely exceed the 250 “maximum” in this case (I haven’t tested it).

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Thanks RIck! I assumed it they weren’t hard limits, but didn’t want to blow anything up either :smiley:

I’ve got it tuned nicely, but find that the loit max speed doesn’t seem to reflect the actual maximum speed. I currently have it set to 600. That said, it goes at least twice that. Do I need to set a max angle instead?